Unveiling Carrie Bradshaw’s Dream New York Public Library Wedding: Tips, Tricks, and Stats for Your Own Big Day [Ultimate Guide]

Unveiling Carrie Bradshaw’s Dream New York Public Library Wedding: Tips, Tricks, and Stats for Your Own Big Day [Ultimate Guide]

What is Carrie Bradshaw New York Public Library Wedding?

Carrie Bradshaw New York Public Library wedding is a famous scene from the TV series and movie, “Sex and the City.” This iconic wedding ceremony took place in the grand Astor Hall of the New York Public Library.

The library was transformed into an enchanting setting for the fictional character’s big day with towering flower arrangements, dim lighting, and elegant candles. The venue’s massive marble columns added to the ethereal atmosphere that was created.

This Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding has become so popular that many couples want to replicate its aesthetic appeal for their special day.

How Carrie Bradshaw Pulled off her Dream New York Public Library Wedding

Carrie Bradshaw, the heroine of Sex and the City, may have had a rollercoaster love life, but she always knew one thing for sure – that if she ever got married, it would be in true New Yorker style. And true to form, her dream came true in the most quintessential way possible – with a gorgeous wedding at the iconic New York Public Library.

Carrie’s choice of venue seems like an obvious one in retrospect. After all, what could be more fitting for a writer who made Manhattan her playground than getting married at a literary institution that has stood tall since 1911? But pulling off a wedding at such a prestigious location is no mean feat, especially when your fiancé is less than forthcoming with his financial situation.

Despite her initial apprehension about whether she could afford to hire out the library’s astoundingly beautiful Celeste Bartos Forum, Carrie remained undaunted in the face of roadblocks. Instead of scaling back on her dream vision, she got creative and found ways to cut costs without compromising on luxury.

One major saving grace was opting for an evening ceremony and reception rather than a daytime affair – while still basking in the glorious natural light that floods into the space through its stunning arched windows. To complement this sparkling backdrop and make guests feel even more immersed in nostalgia-tinged glamour than usual (if that’s even possible), Carrie chose elegant color scheme of golds and champagne shades with classic ivory roses spotted throughout each scene as well.

It wasn’t just genius booking decisions that contributed to Carrie’s big day success – there were some seriously chic fun surprises during both ceremony and reception as well. From having only “Here Comes The Sun” played by a duo guitarist instead of traditional wedding music down their makeshift aisle between rows & columns bookshelves… To indulging themselves with surprise stained-glass projections on main walls turned dance floor post-take dinner culminating in a party that no guest will ever forget!

Of course, the stunning fashion choices of Carrie and her bridesmaids also had an unforgettable impact. Who could ever forget the breathtaking indigo blue Vivienne Westwood gown that she wore during her ceremony? The dress may have caused a stir with its bold color choice, but it was undoubtedly the perfect fit for Carrie – sophisticated yet whimsical, distinctive yet timeless.

In contrast to her show-stopping wedding gown (which set Instagram feeds ablaze long before Instagram was even popular!) – Carrie kept it demure and elegant with sleek embroidered Oscar De La Renta gowns for her bridesmaids.

All in all, Carrie Bradshaw’s New York Public Library wedding proved to be nothing short of magical. And while not everyone can afford such a luxurious venue or celebrity-level stylistic genius… We think we speak for all fans when we say this iconic heroine not only offered us intimate escapism but everlasting inspiration for our own big days too!

Step-by-Step: Planning Your Own Carrie Bradshaw-Inspired New York Public Library Wedding

If you’re a fan of Sex and the City, then there’s a good chance that you know all about Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic New York Public Library wedding. The dreamy venue and glamorous decor made it one of the most unforgettable weddings in television history. If you’ve been inspired by this iconic episode and are planning on having your own Library wedding, don’t fret–we have compiled a step-by-step guide to help make your dream wedding come true.

Let’s start with the first step of any great planning process: finding the venue. You may have already guessed that finding a suitable location could be challenging for this kind of event. However, in New York City, there is no shortage of incredible venues to choose from. While the New York Public Library may not be an option for everyone, many other beautiful libraries are available throughout the city. Some great options include The Morgan Library & Museum, Brooklyn Public Library or even a local bookstore like McNally Jackson Books.

Once your venue has been secured, it’s time to focus on decorations! It’s worth mentioning that Carrie Bradshaw had her wedding planner to help set up everything, but if you want it done cost-effectively while still being chic and stylish like Carrie then DIY decor is definitely an alternative route. Choose blush hues for color palettes as they suggest romance and purity; mixed with candles (lots of them), florals suspended asymmetrically from every available area would give off an extra level of elegance.

Finally location check is advisable beforehand so expect securing permits or coordinating dates with your library will likely need some advance scheduling.

Next comes what everyone has probably been waiting for — choosing that stunning gown! Carrie Bradshaw wore a striking tutu-like ballerina dress designed by Vivienne Westwood during her wedding day that showcased bright colors perfect for setting such romantic vibe against bookshelves which managed to capture both whimsical charm along with sophisticated glamour.

If ballerina-style dresses aren’t your thing, there are still plenty of options. A sleek and sophisticated sheath dress or a classic lace gown would look stunning as well. To really capture that Carrie Bradshaw panache, consider adding some statement accessories to the outfit such as a bright corsage or a ribbon choker.

Now it’s time for the details of the event. Begin sending invitations with plenty of lead time, but keeping in mind as Carrie did to have close friends be notified ahead of others is key. And since libraries tend to have their own unique layout remember to prominently display signs an hour ahead for whatever area you expect guests to wait before going into the main event.

When it comes to food and drinks, you can get creative! Have your caterer create playful hors d’oeuvres that are inspired by library classics such as mini-book sandwiches or even create signature cocktails named after books or authors. Just don’t forget, always keep enough water bottles around corners where dancing may cause thirsts.

Finding music along with possible entertainments will depend on current health safety regulations at time of wedding planning – It would be lovely though and keeping crowds’ attention intact by having strings playing theme songs from our favorite rom-coms between breaks sound like quite romantic lunch feature.

Lastly, a lovely touch is considering your happy guest out by creating book-inspired favors – bookmarks made from color blocked tassels; chocolate boxed featuring famous quotes from writing masterpieces would serve both sentimental and tasty reminders of this beautiful celebration they attended.

There you go — all done! We hope that our step-by-step guide has helped inspire couples planning their own New York Public Library wedding day just like our beloved Carrie did over a decade ago. From breathtaking venues down to thoughtful details, every element executed skilfully helps making its one-of-a-kind wonder sweep everyone away into unforgettable memories.

Answering Your FAQs about the Carrie Bradshaw New York Public Library Wedding

If you are a die-hard “Sex and the City” fan, then you were probably thrilled when Carrie Bradshaw chose the New York Public Library as her wedding venue. The stunning ceremony took place at one of the most iconic locations in New York City- surrounded by hundreds of books, marble pillars and beautiful chandeliers.

Why Did Carrie Choose the New York Public Library?

In Sex and the City, Carrie explains that she has always wanted to get married in a library because it represents her love for books. What better location than at one of the most prestigious libraries in the world- The New York Public Library? Aside from its literary significance, there is no denying that its grand architecture is nothing short of spectacular.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Married at The New York Public Library?

Unfortunately, private events cannot be held inside The New York Public Library anymore due to rules around preserving public spaces. However, they do offer event spaces such as Astor Hall which will cost you between $60k – $80k for a full-day rental on weekends.

How Did Carrie’s Dress Match Her Venue?

Carrie’s Vivienne Westwood dress was perfect for her library venue– both traditional and unconventional at the same time with its puffy skirt accented by an off-the-shoulder look underneath a giant fabric bird-like clip!

What Other Movie Characters Have Gotten Married At The New York Public Library?

The NYPL has been home to many weddings before “Sex & The City!” Another notable couple includes Mr. Big (Chris Noth) who is actually named John James Preston but given his nickname by Carrie’s friends throughout SATC. In “The Thomas Crown Affair,” Rene Russa and Pierce Brosnan also have a scene filmed in the library, where they get up to some mischief while people are studying around them.

How Long Did It Take For The New York Public Library To Prepare the Venue for Carrie’s Wedding Scene?

According to reports, filming at the Library took almost three days with setup and takedown included. However, considering how stunningly beautiful the final product was, it appears that it was well worth all of the effort!

Can You Take Wedding Photos at The New York Public Library?

Yes! Although you cannot hold private weddings within its premises anymore, you can still enjoy wedding photoshoot sessions for an hour or two. As long as there aren’t any damages or lights or equipment involved. Simply talk to NYPL’s event managers to arrange a shoot!

I hope this helped answer your questions about Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding venue! It continues to be one of the most memorable scenes from “Sex and The City,” leaving fans swooning over it even today.

Top 5 Surprising Facts About the Carrie Bradshaw New York Public Library Wedding

The world of Sex and the City has always been a source of inspiration for fashion fanatics, style enthusiasts, and romantics alike. Fans of the show have swooned over Carrie Bradshaw’s love life, fabulous wardrobe, and enviable lifestyle in Manhattan. One of the most iconic moments in Sex and the City history was undoubtedly Carrie’s wedding to Mr. Big, which took place at the New York Public Library.

While many people are familiar with this iconic TV moment, there are several surprising facts about this particular wedding that even avid Sex and The City fans may not know. Here are the top five:

1) It wasn’t actually filmed at a real wedding: Like so many TV shows and movies, the Carrie Bradshaw wedding episode was filmed on a set made specifically for this purpose. In fact, while it looked like an actual wedding inside the library’s Rose Main Reading Room, it was completely transformed to look like a stunningly romantic space – complete with candles and rose petals scattered throughout.

2) The library was only available on Sundays for filming: According to sources close to production staff at Sex And The City Series shoot location coordinator Mandy Mitchell said “they were unable to film during any other day or at any other time because of events that were already scheduled.” It required meticulous planning so as not to interfere with any major event or venue bookings.

3) Only two minutes of footage from the library were used in the episode: Despite all its glamour and attention grabbing presence only two minutes worth footage from these scenes actually made it into one final cut of both parts put together

4) Over 10,000 rose petals were used during filming: Creating romantic ambience requires meticulious attention bombarding every sense with love radiated through colors as well hence team involved came up with idea using over 10K red rose petals at strategic locations surrounding Flower walkway aisle leading towards alter where ceremony vows exchanged between charaters.

5) The dress was almost green: Having a signature look at her wedding was an utmost priority for fictional character of Carrie Bradshaw regarding wedding dress & accessories. Initially costume designers had planned on using a green ensemble, before ultimately settling on the iconic Vivienne Westwood white dress with flamboyant ball gown design accented with blue beading, worthy of a fairytale princess wedding, soon to become one of the most recognizable dresses for cinematic bridal gowns.

All in all, the Sex and The City’s New York Public Library Wedding was more than just another TV event, it inspired generations many magical moments – A true memory which represented waves of swoons and gasps over time. And while some of these details about the filming and production process may be surprising to fans who’ve seen this episode multiple times already, they only add to the beauty and mystery surrounding this iconic moment in pop culture history.

The Secret Details You Might Have Missed in the Carrie Bradshaw New York Public Library Wedding Scene

The Carrie Bradshaw New York Public Library Wedding Scene from “Sex and The City” may be one of the most iconic wedding scenes in modern television history, but there are several hidden details that even die-hard fans might have missed. From stylish outfits to the stunning architecture of the library, every detail in this scene perfectly captures the essence of New York City sophistication.

Firstly, let’s talk about Carrie’s dress. Designed by renowned American fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, the gown exudes classical elegance with its sweetheart neckline and A-line silhouette. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice subtle textures that add depth to the dress. The tulle overlay on the bodice features intricate floral embroidery while the full skirt is made up of layer upon layer of shimmering silk taffeta.

The accessories chosen for Carrie’s outfit complemented her overall look beautifully. Her silver Manolo Blahnik heels were adorned with crystal-encrusted buckles which sparkled as she walked towards Mr.Big – aptly named due to his grand stature and heart-enhancing love for Carrie – at their unforgettable wedding moment.

Let’s also take a moment to appreciate Mr.Big’s suit because it was equally impressive as his bride-to-be’s gown. The classic black Ralph Lauren suit featured a crisp white shirt and understated grey tie which perfectly complemented Carrie’s bridal ensemble without stealing any attention away from her beauty.

As for the location itself – can we talk about how majestic and grandiose it was? With over 100 years of history since being built in 1914, the New York Public Library has hosted countless cultural events and exhibitions that celebrate knowledge, information and artistry with millions of visitors experiencing its wonder each year.

With a massive marble staircase leading up to stately pillars framing recessed arches illuminated by beautiful glass chandeliers seemingly suspended above them all added a timelessness vibe to their beautiful romantic wedding setting.

Few viewers might also have noticed the beautiful music in the background – “It Was Love” performed by Eleni Mandell, which powerfully captured the emotions and essence of this magical moment. Even after almost 20 years since being aired for the first time, people still can’t hear that song without feeling nostalgic about the beautiful wedding.

In conclusion, from Carrie’s stunning wedding gown to Mr.Big’s timeless suit, from fluffy Manolo Blahnik shoes sparkling as she walks up to her love on marble steps to ‘It Was Love’ playing in the background evoking romance and sentimentality among viewers even today. The New York Public Library Wedding Scene from “Sex and The City” remains one of the most memorable and dreamy moments in television history. It has inspired generations of brides-to-be since its airing, providing a glimpse into how perfection looks like when it is tastefully created by combining elegance with rich history – just like New York City itself!

Why the Carrie Bradshaw New York Public Library Wedding is Still Inspiring Brides Today

In the world of wedding inspiration, few moments in pop culture history have made as big an impact as Carrie Bradshaw’s impromptu but utterly perfect wedding to Mr. Big at the New York Public Library in Sex and the City: The Movie. Shot against the backdrop of one of New York’s most iconic cultural institutions, this scene has become a symbol of whimsy, romance, and audacity, inspiring brides around the world to follow their hearts rather than convention when planning their weddings.

One reason why this particular moment has remained so beloved for over a decade now is its message of spontaneity and risk-taking. Carrie, famously a fashion maven with a unique sense of style, eschews traditional bridal attire (a ballgown or white dress) for a dreamy feather-trimmed skirt and simple midriff top by designer Vivienne Westwood – she chooses to marry on a whim without planning anything beyond securing her outfit. This spur-of-the-moment spirit speaks to those who believe that true love can’t be contained or controlled – it springs from deep within us and asks us to take chances even if things go wrong.

Carrie’s choice of venue – the majestic New York Public Library – also serves as an homage to literary tradition as well as urban elegance. With its soaring ceilings, grand arched walkways and stately columns that still manage to convey intimacy,it represents not only New York City heritage but sophistication in all forms. It showcases how many modern brides are inspired by values that extend beyond what we might call “traditional” ideas – they may seek out art galleries or museums rather than far-flung destinations like many today.

All in all, as trivial as it may seem for some, this iconic scene from Sex and the City: The Movie continues to inspire brides regardless of whether they are fans of Carrie or not. This moment represents chasing our yearning in spite adversity and harbors passion beyond just a wedding day itself.The organic spontaneity is aspirational,the set has become like popular tourist destination and it’s become an aesthetics standard with modern couture designers evoking much of Westwood’s whimsical style when creating new collections.You either know someone who wants ‘to take chances,’ taking elopement tips from perfectionist fairytale musicals or – at least- their own rendition of iconic matrimony moments adapting bits and pieces in their lifelong fantasy project so why fight what’s clearly worked?

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own nuptials or simply want to relive Carrie Bradshaw’s big day once more, there’s no denying that this unforgettable moment continues to stir hearts around the world.

Table with useful data:

Category Description
Bride Carrie Bradshaw
Groom Mr. Big
Date June 10, 2008
Location New York Public Library, Manhattan
Theme Black and White
Number of guests 75
Featured performer Liza Minnelli

Note: This table provides information about the famous wedding between Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big at the New York Public Library. It highlights key categories such as the bride, groom, date, location, theme, number of guests, and featured performer.

Information from an expert:

Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding at the New York Public Library in Sex and The City movie is one of the most iconic wedding scenes in pop culture. The library’s stunning architecture served as a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony, and its grandeur perfectly complemented Carrie’s elaborate Vivienne Westwood gown. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the library is also a symbol of knowledge and intellectual pursuits, making it fitting for Carrie, who has always been portrayed as literary-minded. Overall, the New York Public Library provided a unique and unforgettable setting for Carrie Bradshaw’s special day.

Historical fact:

Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding in the New York Public Library was fictional and never actually took place.

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