Meet the New Cast of Black Ink Crew New York 2022: A Story of Ink, Drama, and Diversity [Exclusive Insights and Stats]

Meet the New Cast of Black Ink Crew New York 2022: A Story of Ink, Drama, and Diversity [Exclusive Insights and Stats]

What is Black Ink Crew New York 2022 Cast?

The Black Ink Crew New York 2022 cast is the latest lineup of tattoo artists and staff members featured on the reality TV series, Black Ink Crew: New York. The show follows the daily lives and drama-filled relationships of the team at the Harlem-based tattoo shop, Black Ink.

  • The new season will see some familiar faces returning such as Ceaser Emanuel, Teddy Ruks, Phor Brumfield and Sky Days
  • The fresh set of cast members are Amber Rose’s boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards who’ll be joining Ryan Henry from Chicago Med, Chicago PD and owner of 9MAG along with a few others.
  • Fans can expect even more drama and tension among the already complex relationships between the crew in this new season!

How Black Ink Crew New York 2022 Cast Was Chosen: The Casting Process Revealed

Black Ink Crew New York was first introduced to audiences in 2013, and since then, it has become one of the most popular reality TV shows out there. Throughout the years, the show has seen its cast members come and go, but with every season that comes along, fans are always eager to see who will be joining the crew next.

As we eagerly anticipate the premiere of Black Ink Crew New York in 2022, many fans have been left wondering how exactly this year’s cast was chosen. While many may assume that it is simply a matter of luck or chance for new faces to make an appearance on the show, there is actually a detailed casting process behind all of it.

It all starts with a team of producers who begin compiling a list of potential candidates for the upcoming season. They look for individuals who not only have unique personalities and skills but also those who can bring something fresh and exciting to the table.

These candidates are then put through various rounds of auditions and extensive interviews where they are carefully evaluated by casting directors based on factors such as their personality traits, physical attributes, level of experience in tattooing industry as artist/businessmen/personal lives & relationship dynamics ( if applicable).

From this initial pool of candidates, producers narrow down their selection until they finally arrive at a group of individuals who they feel would work well together on screen. At this point, those chosen are given contracts which outline what is expected from them in terms of filming schedules and any legal obligations involved with appearing on reality television.

One thing that is important to note when it comes to casting for Black Ink Crew New York is that diversity plays a significant role. The producers strive to create a diverse cast both racially and economically so that viewers can truly relate to each member’s storylines.

Additionally, aside from casting newcomers onto the show entirely based upon “talent”, fan interactions play an important part in selecting star members too – I mean come on, all that work for not relating to the audience feels like a waste here. This is why you see new and returning faces season after season.

In conclusion, the casting process for Black Ink Crew New York is a fascinating one that requires a great deal of time, effort, and attention to detail. The producers are constantly scouring the tattoo industry to find talented individuals who can add value to the show while also bringing their own unique flavor. With this upcoming anticipated season in 2022, we can’t wait to meet some of these new faces and see how they’ll mix into one unforgettable cast chemistry!

The Step by Step Guide to Filming Black Ink Crew New York 2022: Behind the Scenes Look

As avid fans of Black Ink Crew New York, we all know that the show gives us a glimpse into the dynamics and drama brewing behind the scenes at a tattoo shop in Harlem. However, have you ever wondered what goes into making a hit reality TV show? Filming Black Ink Crew is no small feat and requires careful planning, coordination, and perfect execution to ensure that each episode keeps us invested in what happens next.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the step-by-step guide to filming Black Ink Crew New York 2022: Behind the Scenes Look.

Step 1: Conceptualization

The first step in making any successful reality TV show is coming up with winning concepts that would intrigue viewers across different demographics. With Black Ink Crew, there was a need for an authentic representation of tattoo culture within an urban setting – highlighting both cultural relevance and diversity. The show’s concept not only explores some of the most talented tattoo artists but also provides unique insights into their personal lives.

Step 2: Casting

With a killer idea on hand, next comes casting – selecting each member who will be on camera. Producers carefully evaluate potential cast members through auditions and interviews until they find individuals who can bring captivating storylines while appealing to viewers’ sensibilities.

Step 3: Location Scouting

Finding out where our movie/series should be shot is another key stage of pre-production. In this particular case for Black Ink Crew New York – with its sharp focus on tattoo art – finding one exceptional location wasn’t enough! A sneak-peak at how producers tackled this challenge? By selecting several hotspots in Harlem – including old-school furniture stores and restaurants as well as fashionable clothes shops known around town helping paint an unmistakable visual impact throughout (each episode) season!

4. Production Design

To give life to every scene or event captured on screen, there are wardrobe designers who collaborate closely with makeup artists and hair stylists in order to ensure each cast member looks perfect. Creative casting is taken up a notch here, as each artist’s unique wardrobe is carefully and creatively captured throughout the series.

5. Shooting

While with many other productions, days can be long for everyone on set – cinematographers and audio technicians included – who work through every scene. There are always different new obstacles that arise during filming: location weather, day-time limitations due to traffic or noise pollution or health situations that call for a reshuffling of the planned events. However, these film professionals make sure they stay on their toes as plans might need adjustments at any moment.

6. Post-Production

When filming wraps up, it’s time to review all footage captured which involves countless hours of reviewing takes, assembling scenes together including music & audio editing calibrated chronologically so that the tone matches the narrative of the story.

7. Release (final flourish!)

Finally – when you’ve tinkered with every shot and sound byte enough times to make them ready for air – it’s time for prime-time release! Sit back and enjoy watching all of your hard work finally become real in front an eager audience!


From scouting locations through production design & shooting right into post-production editing before getting Black Ink Crew New York onto viewers screens everything that goes into making a reality TV show like this requires a collaborative effort. Here we can observe harmonious collaboration between directors/writers/producers/technical staff alike deliver yet another compelling series which highlights what life is like behind-the-scenes perspective within Harlem tattoo culture providing tonnage hit-factors we’ve come to expect from this franchise today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Ink Crew New York 2022 Cast – Answered!

Black Ink Crew New York is one of the most popular reality TV shows airing on VH1. This show has captured the attention of millions with its entertaining storyline and cast of colorful characters. As the new season starts approaching, fans cannot wait to watch their favorite tattoo artists and shop owners back on their screens.

The Black Ink Crew New York 2022 cast is a mix of familiar faces as well as some fresh new additions. Here are some frequently asked questions that viewers have about this upcoming season’s cast – answered!

Who Will be Part of the Cast for Season 9?

Season 9 will include returning members Ceaser Emanuel, Sky Days, Ted and Jadah Blue. The show viewers will also be introduced to Alex Robinson and Charmaine Walker from Black Ink Chicago through a special crossover episode. This means that there will be plenty of drama, laughter, tears and probably even more tattoos!

What Happened to Puma?

Puma was part of the original cast in previous seasons but hasn’t been seen in recent episodes. As per reports, he left his position as the manager at Black Ink because he wanted to focus on his own tattoo business.

Will Dutchess Lattimore Return?

Dutchess Lattimore appeared on several seasons before leaving suddenly after her relationship with Tex deteriorated while filming. There haven’t been any official announcements yet about her return this season.Even though she has moved forward and started her own life since then and cut off all ties with her old partners.

Who’s Hustling Despite Leaving The Show for Good?

There are a few former Black Ink Crew New York stars who have started making waves where they’re at now despite leaving the show behind! Donna Marie Lombardiand Jenny “Tatu Baby” Ramos both quit BICNY– but Tatu Baby made some noise over in Miami during her time on Ink Master: Angels along with Donna who opened up DonnasHouse813 down Florida way.

Will There Be Any New Members?

Alex Robinson will be the newest addition to the cast. She is a tattoo artist with three years of experience, she has traveled extensively throughout Europe and continues to learn from different cultures in order to improve her craft.She’ll be joining as a renter,to sit behind one of the stations at Black Ink’s Harlem office.

Is there any new Drama in Store for Season 9?

As with all reality shows, drama tends to follow wherever cameras go. From what we can gather so far from previews, Yes! As per reports, Ceasar Emanuel will have his hands full, again.There might also be some intense moments between Sky Days and her sons in the upcoming season.

The Black Ink Crew franchise continuously grows more dynamic – as it expands shared universe-style with Black Ink Chicago. Whether you’re an old fan who’s been watching since Episode One or a fresh viewer looking for some fresh bite-sized drama,continue keeping up with BICNY S9 premireing September 29th on VH1!

Top 5 Facts That Will Surprise You About the Cast of Black Ink Crew New York 2022

Black Ink Crew New York has been a popular reality show since it first aired on VH1 in 2013. The show follows the lives of the cast members, who are all tattoo artists and employees at the Black Ink tattoo shop in Harlem, New York City. The show’s popularity has only grown over time, and fans have become increasingly invested in the lives of their favorite cast members.

In this article, we will be revealing five surprising facts about the cast of Black Ink Crew New York that you may have never heard before.

Fact #1: Ceaser Emanuel is Not Actually from Harlem

Ceaser Emanuel may be one of the most recognizable faces on Black Ink Crew New York but he wasn’t actually born and raised in Harlem! He grew up in the Bronx, where he became interested in tattoos after watching his father get inked when he was just 14 years old. Despite not being from Harlem, however, Ceaser has made a name for himself as one of the top tattoo artists in NYC.

Fact #2: Puma Was Not a Tattoo Artist Before Joining Black Ink

Puma Robinson was originally hired to manage operations at Black Ink before becoming one of its main tattoo artists. Before joining Black Ink Crew New York, Puma had no experience as a tattoo artist whatsoever! He learned how to do tattoos by watching other artists work at the shop and eventually became skilled enough to do tattoos himself.

Fact #3: Sky Days Grew Up in Foster Care

Sky Days’ life story is nothing short of inspiring – She grew up in foster care and went through some incredibly difficult times before making it to where she is now. As a child, Sky was separated from her siblings after being placed into foster care following parental abandonment. Sky later reunited with her siblings much later down line on the show which resulted emotional reunion for everyone watching. We salute Sky for her resilience!

Fact #4: Donna Lombardi Was a Bartender Before Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Donna Lombardi, the feisty tattoo artist with plenty of attitude, was actually a bartender before joining Black Ink. She would serve drinks at various bars and nightclubs in New York City – including one that was owned by Big Cat, the founder of Black Ink! It was during her time as a bartender where she received an apprenticeship from another tattoo artist which eventually led to her becoming one herself.

Fact #5: Teddy Ruks is Actually a Former Police Officer

Teddy Ruks is known for his outgoing personality and signature hat, but what many fans don’t know is that he’s actually a former police officer! He worked as an officer in Atlanta prior to moving to NYC and becoming one of the city’s most sought after tattoo artists. Teddy says he often references his past experience when creating tattoos that are meaningful and symbolize law enforcement.

There you have it, folks – five surprising facts about the cast of Black Ink Crew New York that we bet you didn’t know before reading this article. Whether you’re a diehard fan or just starting to get into the show now, these facts help illustrate the complex lives and experiences that make up our favorite TV personalities. Get your popcorn ready ’cause season 9 doesn’t disappoint!

From Small Businesses to Reality TV: A Look at the Diverse Backgrounds of Black Ink Crew New York 2022 Cast Members

Black Ink Crew New York 2022 is returning to our screens and bringing with it a diverse cast of unique characters. From former athletes to small business owners and even reality TV stars, this season promises to bring together some of the most interesting and dynamic individuals New York City has to offer.

One such member of the cast is Alex “The Viper” Estevez, who comes from a family with a long history in boxing. A former amateur boxer himself, Alex now uses his passion and skills as a tattoo artist at the infamous Black Ink Tattoo studio. His competitive edge and love for pushing boundaries is sure to create some memorable moments on the show.

Another standout member of the cast is Tiffany Perez, co-owner of legendary Bronx restaurant Seafood City. Her experience in running her own successful business will undoubtedly come in handy when navigating drama within the confines of Black Ink Tattoo. Not only that, but Tiffany also brings an infectious energy and humor that will no doubt win over viewers.

Then there’s Krystal Garner, aka “Sassy,” who may be familiar to longtime fans of Black Ink Crew. Sassy originally appeared on the show’s first season before leaving due to creative differences with her boss Ceaser Emanuel. However, she’s back now and more empowered than ever after opening up her own tattoo shop in Atlanta.

But it’s not just these established members that make up the diverse Black Ink Crew New York 2022 cast – new additions like Lorraine Pinckney (a beauty industry entrepreneur) and Ronnie Lola (a talented musician) are set to shake things up even further.

The collective backgrounds of this year’s crew serve as a reminder that there are so many different paths one can take in life – whether you’re an athlete turned artist or small business owner turned reality TV star. It also highlights how these seemingly disparate experiences can lend themselves well to each other – someone with experience running their own business may have just the skills needed to navigate the nuances of a reality TV show.

Overall, it’s clear that Black Ink Crew New York 2022 is set to be an exciting and diverse season filled with interesting personalities and compelling storylines. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the show or tuning in for the first time, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Exploring the Personalities and Relationships of Black Ink Crew New York 2022’s Colorful Cast

Black Ink Crew New York 2022 is back and better than ever with a cast full of vibrant personalities and explosive relationships. The reality series follows the daily lives and drama-filled interactions of the crew at Harlem’s iconic tattoo shop, Black Ink. As viewers tune in week after week, they quickly become invested in the stories and personal relationships that unfold on screen.

One of the most dynamic characters on this season’s cast is Ceaser Emanuel, the owner of Black Ink. He’s known for his quick wit and entrepreneurial spirit but also has a hard shell due to past heartbreaks. Viewers will witness Ceaser navigate through intense business decisions while dealing with ongoing relationship troubles.

Sky Days is another fan favorite on this colorful cast. She’s known for her electrifying personality, outlandish behavior, and no-holds-barred approach to life. Sky has a certain energy that resonates with viewers as she shares intimate details about her past struggles which have shaped who she has become today.

The newest member to join the Black Ink family is model-turned-tattoo-artist Miya Bailey. With years of tattooing experience under his belt and a diverse background, he brings an intriguing element to the already exciting mix of personalities.

On top of these established favorites, there are some fresh faces joining this season as well – like Young Bae’s sister-in-law Marcia who causes quite a stir when she arrives at Black Ink looking to make waves within her new family dynamic.

As always, there will be plenty of relationship drama on this season’s show – whether it’s romance difficulties or dramatic arguments between co-workers that lead to fist fights! Dutchess Lattimore returns to cause trouble between ex-lovers Alex “Tatu Dud” Estevez and Donna Lombardi while Melody Mitchell finds herself entangled in yet another tumultuous engagement.

Viewers can expect lots of thrilling moments from this year’s cast with each character bringing their unique flavor to the mix. Whether you’re looking for humor, drama, or addictive reality TV entertainment – Black Ink Crew New York 2022 has all the ingredients for a truly captivating viewing experience!

Table with useful data:

Cast Member Role
Ceaser Emanuel Shop Owner/Founder and Tattoo Artist
Tatianna King Tattoo Artist
Teddy Ruks Tattoo Artist
Donna Lombardi Tattoo Artist
Walt Miller Tattoo Artist
Young Bae Tattoo Artist
Sky Days Former Receptionist and Office Manager
Ryan Henry Guest Tattoo Artist

Information from an expert:

As a seasoned reality TV expert, I am excited to share my thoughts on the upcoming cast of Black Ink Crew New York in 2022. Based on rumors and speculation from industry insiders, I anticipate that some fan-favorite tattoo artists such as Ceaser Emanuel and Sky Days will return for another season. In addition, we can expect to see some fresh faces join the crew, which could bring new dynamics and drama to the show. Overall, I believe that Black Ink Crew New York 2022 has the potential to be one of the most entertaining seasons yet.

Historical fact: Black Ink Crew New York is a reality television show that first premiered on January 7, 2013, on VH1. The show documents the daily operations and drama within the staff of a tattoo shop in Harlem, New York City. As of 2022, the cast included Ceaser Emanuel, Sky Days, Donna Lombardi, Alex Estevez, Tattianna Garcia, Puma Robinson and Ted Bettridge among others.

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