Discover the Ultimate Guide to Living on 450 W 17th St in New York, NY 10011 [With Real-Life Stories and Practical Tips]

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Living on 450 W 17th St in New York, NY 10011 [With Real-Life Stories and Practical Tips]

What is 450 W 17th St New York NY 10011?

450 W 17th St New York NY 10011 is a street address located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

  • The building at this address is a luxury residential development.
  • It was designed by renowned architect, Shigeru Ban.
  • The building includes amenities such as a fitness center, landscaped garden, and private parking.

How to Get to 450 W 17th St in New York, NY: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you planning a trip to New York? If so, then you should definitely check out the vibrant and bustling neighborhood of Chelsea. This trendy neighborhood has become a mecca for art lovers, fashionistas, and foodies alike. And located smack dab in the heart of this amazing community is 450 W 17th Street – a stunning luxury apartment complex that offers beautiful views of the city skyline.

However, if you are new to navigating the Big Apple or simply looking for some guidance on how to get to this beautiful location, have no fear! We have put together a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to get to 450 W 17th St like a pro!

1. Choose Your Mode of Transportation

Before heading out, decide which mode of transportation you will use. It all depends on your location and personal preferences. For cabs or rideshares, Uber or Lyft cars are always excellent options as they are readily available and relatively affordable.

Alternatively, public transportation may be more appealing if you prefer exploring the city at your own pace while also saving some cash. Consider taking the subway as many subway lines stop close by – A/C/E at 8th Avenue & 14th; L Train at Eighth Ave.; and C/E train located between Ninth and Tenth Avenues just south of West 23rd street.

2. Know The Best Route

To make your trip as simple as possible— navigate via Google Maps or other GPS software tool aiding effective routing suggestions according to nearby landmarks —for instance Hudson River Park located roughly two blocks west–or Chelsea Market less than half-block away eastwards from destination.

3. Prepare for Traffic & Weather Changes

New York weather can be unpredictable; carry sunscreen during summertime since walking on concrete sidewalks exposed to the sun can lead sunburns resulting in discomfort throughout the day.

Traffic jams are another frequent challenge when navigating through busy streets in Manhattan. Keep an eye on the time of day and consider your options if there are multiple routes to your destination.

4. Enjoy The Scenic View

As you approach 450 W 17th Street, it’s impossible to miss the impressive building nestled in with surrounding architecture. Take some time to admire the stunning gardens and water features located at High Line Park (nearby). Here, you can take in New York City’s architecture and charm fully.

5. Arrival: Making it into 450 W 17th street

Once arrived at 450 W 17th St, take time to get familiar with reaching nearby restaurants or attractions for future visits before heading up to your unit. Reception desks will guide you from which entrances require an access card for security reasons.

In conclusion, visiting 450 W 17th Street is a must-do when exploring Chelsea neighborhood rich in culture, art exhibitions unique shopping experiences for tourists worldwide. By following these tips on how to get here and what best practices would allow travelers a stress-free journey, guests will have more energy and time available to enjoy all that Chelsea has to offer!

Getting the Most Out of Your Visit to 450 W 17th St in New York, NY

When it comes to experiencing the vibrant energy of New York City, few places epitomize the city’s lively atmosphere as much as 450 W 17th St. Nestled in the heart of Manhattan’s stylish and trendy Chelsea neighborhood, this iconic address has earned a reputation as a premier destination for culture, entertainment, and art – all against the backdrop of breathtaking architecture and design.

To make sure you get the most out of your visit to 450 W 17th St, it pays to plan ahead. Here are some tips to ensure that your trip to this iconic destination is both enjoyable and memorable:

1. Dress Appropriately: While there are no strict dress codes enforced at most establishments around 450 W 17th St, it is always a good idea to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Given its cosmopolitan setting, try packing some chic yet practical outfits that will let you seamlessly blend in with local fashion without sacrificing comfort or style.

2. Explore Art Galleries: If you’re an art enthusiast, then head over to some of the stunning galleries located within walking distance of 450 W 17th St. You’ll find world-renowned contemporary art exhibits featuring established and emerging artists alike; along with private collections that house incredible pieces from across the globe.

3. Don’t Miss Out on Dining Opportunities: Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner with loved ones or casual dining experience with friends, there are plenty of restaurant options around West Chelsea. From pizza joints serving mouth-watering slices straight out of wood-fired ovens to high-end seafood restaurants featuring delicate concoctions crafted by masterful chefs – there’s something for everyone here!

4. Capture Moments in Time with Pictures: No trip down memory lane would be complete without capturing candid moments through pictures! Make sure your phone or camera is fully charged before embarking on an adventure; take advantage of photo opportunities where applicable such as windy streetscapes adorned with rooftop gardens or colorful murals – ready to be captured through the lens of your device.

5. Take in the Sights and Sounds: Finally, don’t forget to explore the surrounding area outside of 450 W 17th St itself. The party-like atmosphere permeates throughout this neighborhood populated by trendy people with top-rated high-end boutique stores and bars just steps away.

In conclusion, 450 W 17th St is a destination that continues to delight locals and tourists alike with its unique blend of art, entertainment, food and culture; making it one of the must-visit spots in Manhattan without question! Follow this guide to get most out of your visit and have an unforgettable experience.

Your FAQs about 450 W 17th St in New York, NY – Answered!

450 W 17th St, located in the heart of New York City, is a stunning building that has quickly become one of the most desirable places to live. As such, it’s not surprising that many people have questions about it. Here are the most frequently asked questions about 450 W 17th St answered.

1. What makes this building unique?

One of the things that really sets 450 W 17th St apart from other buildings is its design. It was created by world-renowned architect, Thomas Juul-Hansen, who has been described as a “master of modern luxury”. The building’s sleek lines and clean aesthetic make it stand out from its surroundings.

2. What amenities does the building offer?

There are plenty of amenities for residents to enjoy at 450 W 17th St. These include a state-of-the-art fitness center, landscaped rooftop terrace with stunning views of Manhattan skyline, a resident lounge area complete with fireplace and kitchenette facilities perfect for entertaining, bicycle storage and even cold-storage for grocery deliveries.

3. What types of apartments are available?

There are various sizes options depending on your need starting from studios up to four-bedroom apartments which makes sure there is something for everyone. Apartments in this building also come equipped with gourmet kitchens featuring premium appliances like Sub Zero refrigerators and Wolf range ovens along with beautiful finishes such as grey oak wood flooring along with expansive windows allowing tons natural light!

4. How can I apply or get more information on renting an apartment at 450 W 17th st william&mary?

Interested renters can easily find more information online via their website or third-party rental sites as well schedule both virtual & physical tours giving them direct access to view properties currently available in-person or through video chat if they prefer right from their own devices or computers.

5. Is the location convenient?

Absolutely! Chelsea neighborhood where this property stands is widely viewed as one of the most beautiful, lively, and culturally-rich places to live in New York City. with many exciting restaurants, art galleries, shopping destinations and bars.

6. What is the availability of parking?

The building does offer valet parking which encompasses both indoor car storage as well offering electric vehicle charging stations ensuring residents can easily have their car stored right at their convenience without going through a hassle.

Overall, 450 W 17th St offers an exceptional living experience in one of the most vibrant parts of Manhattan! Wondering how it feels like living in this beautiful building? Why not check out their website or arrange a viewing today & see for yourself.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know Before Visiting 450 W 17th St in New York, NY

Are you planning a visit to 450 W 17th St in New York, NY? If so, there are a few important facts that you need to know before you arrive. From the building’s unique history to its exciting modern amenities and attractions, we’ve compiled a list of the top five things you should keep in mind when visiting this iconic location.

1. The Building’s Fascinating History

One of the most intriguing things about 450 W 17th St is its rich history. Originally built as a warehouse and factory space for National Biscuit Company (Nabisco), it has since been transformed into an upscale residential and commercial complex. The building still retains much of its original charm, with exposed brick walls and high ceilings throughout many of the units.

2. Luxurious Amenities

When staying at 450 W 17th St, visitors have access to a wide range of luxurious amenities including a fully-equipped fitness center, bike storage area, package room with cold storage for food deliveries, pet grooming station, resident lounge with billiards,and personal wine storage rooms available for lease.

3. Impressive Art Scene

As if the luxurious amenities weren’t enough to make it worth your while to stop by in person, 450 W 17th St also happens to be located in one of New York City’s most vibrant artistic communities. Known as Chelsea Arts District,the dynamic neighborhood features over two dozen galleries,famed cultural institutes like the High Line park ,Chelsea Market filled with artisanal food vendors and pop-up shops selling handmade goods ensuring there is never anything less than awe inspiring art pieces every where around

4.Surprisingly Affordable Pricing

The level of luxury offered at this prestigious address may lead onlookers estimating ridiculously exorbitant price levels.However,closer perusal reveals surprisingly affordable pricing,payments starting as low as $5650 for spacious lofts or cozy homes featuring generous sized windows, soaking tubs, fully fitted kitchens and walk in closets,giving you unprecedented value for your investment.

5. Convenient Location

Finally, it’s important to note that 450 W 17th St is located in a prime location just steps away from many of the city’s attractions . With all there is to offer on Chelsea High Line,the Empire State Building and Times Square are all within easy reach of this standout building.

In conclusion, whether you’re visiting New York City for the first time or you’re a long-time resident looking for something new, make sure to keep these important facts in mind when planning your visit to 450 W 17th St. With its fascinating history, luxurious amenities and impressive art scene combined with affordable prestige in location an extraordinary experience awaits around every corner!

Discovering the Best Things To Do Near 450 W 17th St in New York, NY

New York is a city full of wonder, awe and excitement. With so much to see and do, you can find yourself lost in the hustle and bustle. However, when you’re staying at 450 W 17th St in New York, NY, you’re already in one of the best neighborhoods in the city – Chelsea.

This neighborhood is home to some of the most incredible food options as well as world-renowned art galleries and museums. Moreover, it has some amazing parks for a leisurely stroll or just soaking up some sun. With so many things to do here, let’s explore what Chelsea has to offer near 450 W 17th St.

First on our list is the High Line Park – an elevated park built on top of abandoned rail tracks that runs along the Hudson River. This stunning public space spans over 1.45 miles long and is adorned with lush greenery, art installations and benches throughout its length. As you walk down this urban path you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the river while observing various sculptures commissioned by local artists.

But that’s not all! You can also grab lunch at Chelsea Market which is only two blocks away from your location at 450 W 17th St. This indoor market boasts an array of specialty shops selling everything from fresh seafood to handmade chocolates! Plus, there are always events happening here like artisanal vendor pop-ups or outdoor concerts during warm weather months.

The Rubin Museum Of Art is just down the street from here as well which celebrates Himalayan history through various exhibits & performances worth checking out.

If shopping is your thing then make sure to visit The Chelsea Flea Market where you can find vintage items such as clothing and furniture while grabbing any snacks from authentic local vendors along the way.

A few blocks East brings us to Meatpacking District – a bustling nightlife destination marked by luxurious bars & restaurants inside renovated warehouses once used for meat processing leading all the way up to the infamous clubbing scene at The Standard, High Line.

Now that you have an idea of things to do in this neighborhood near 450 W 17th St, it’s time to start exploring for yourself! With so many options, there’s always something new to experience. Chelsea is a mecca of culture and creativity that truly captures the essence of New York City. So come on down and see what all the fuss is about!

Uncovering the History behind Iconic Landmarks at 450 W 17th St in New York, NY

There’s no doubt about it, New York City is home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks. From the Brooklyn Bridge to the Empire State Building, these towering structures have captured the imaginations of millions and become symbols of American ingenuity and ambition. And one such landmark that stands tall amidst all this grandeur is none other than 450 W 17th Street.

This majestic building has been a fixture in the Chelsea neighborhood since it was first erected back in 2006. Spanning an impressive 22 stories and boasting luxury apartments, office spaces, art galleries, restaurants, and much more- this skyscraper has something for everyone. But what many people don’t know is that there’s a whole lot of fascinating history behind its walls.

Originally owned by Freeman Plaza West LLC., this site was once home to several abandoned warehouses – remnants of a bygone era when Chelsea was a bustling manufacturing hub. But as times changed and businesses moved out of the area en masse in search of new opportunities elsewhere in New York or beyond state borders altogether-the land lay fallow for decades until real estate developers saw an untapped market opportunity.

The building at 450 West 17th Street stands as a testament to this visionary spirit with which Freeman set out towards designing a place where people could live, work and play all under one roof.

The first eight floors house offices that cater mainly to creative professionals like architects, photographers, advertising agencies among others offering inspiring views of Manhattan sights to spark up their imagination each time they stare outside their windows during brainstorming sessions.

The remainder of the floors are dedicated fully furnished apartment suites complete with modern amenities such as air conditioning systems optimized for energy efficiency performance through use natural light instead artificial sources which helps reduce carbon emissions from energy consumption across New York by reducing demand for electricity during peak consumer hours meaning fewer greenhouse gases are generated overall with regards lighting inside buildings hence reducing environmental impact onto planet Earth itself.

The top getaway includes a luxurious rooftop lounge that offers unparalleled views of downtown Manhattan and beyond – the ideal spot for sipping cocktails and taking in the sights. And as if all this weren’t enough, there’s also an on-site fitness center, access to local bike lanes & round the clock concierge services available round-the-clock.

So next time you’re wandering through Chelsea and pass by 450 West 17th Street, take a moment to reflect on the rich history behind this magnificent building. From its early days as abandoned warehouses to now being one of New York’s most striking landmarks – it’s truly an inspiring story of reinvention and ingenuity that reminds us all anything is possible with perseverance, foresight and vision.

Table with useful data:

Address 450 W 17th St
City New York
State NY
Zip Code 10011

Information from an expert

As an expert in the real estate industry, I can tell you that 450 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011 is located in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Manhattan. This property is situated in Chelsea, a burgeoning area that has experienced tremendous growth and development over the past several years. With its prime location near the High Line, trendy restaurants, art galleries, and cultural attractions, this address is highly coveted by both locals and tourists alike. If you’re looking for a thriving community with endless options for entertainment and leisure activities, you won’t be disappointed with this fantastic location.

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