Discover the Hidden Gems of 158 East 115th Street: A Guide to Living in New York’s Vibrant 10029 Neighborhood [Stats & Tips]

Discover the Hidden Gems of 158 East 115th Street: A Guide to Living in New York’s Vibrant 10029 Neighborhood [Stats & Tips]

What is 158 East 115th Street New York NY 10029?

158 East 115th Street New York NY 10029 is a residential building located in East Harlem, Manhattan.

  • The building has seven floors with both one and two-bedroom apartments available for rent.
  • The amenities include an elevator and on-site laundry facilities.

If you’re looking for a cozy apartment in the heart of bustling East Harlem, then 158 East 115th Street may just be the perfect fit for you.

How to Find and Navigate 158 East 115th Street New York, NY 10029: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking for the perfect spot to start a new business or move into a prime location in New York City? Look no further! We’ve got you covered on how to find and navigate 158 East 115th Street in New York, NY 10029.

Step One: Get Your Bearings

First things first, let’s find our bearings. This street runs east-west across Manhattan and is located in the heart of East Harlem, between Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue. It’s conveniently located near several major subway stations (4/5/6 trains at 125th Street or 116th Street) if you’re traveling by public transportation.

Step Two: Route Planning

Depending on where you’re coming from in New York City, there may be various routes available to reach your destination. A great option for drivers would be using Google Maps or Waze to plan their route in advance since parking can be limited depending on the time of day. It’s also good to keep an eye out for any blitz days where alternate-side parking may be suspended temporarily.

Step Three: Visual Cues & Landmarks

The iconic facade of this six-story building will immediately catch your attention upon arrival. The beautiful red brick exterior stands out among its surroundings with large windows allowing plenty of natural light inside the building.

When you reach the address, double-check that it’s the correct one by looking at the plaque outside with “158.” Across from Harlem Hospital and steps away from major transit options and other businesses, it’s easy to get lost admiring everything our location offers!

Step Four: Entering The Building

Upon entering the building lobby, make sure you sign-in with security before heading up to your desired floor. With state-of-the-art security cameras monitoring all points entering/exiting each level — visitors like yourself can feel safe during their stay within this coveted space.

Step Five: Exploring Your Suite

Congratulations! You have officially found your way to your desired destination. From here, explore the spacious and comfortable suites filled with natural light and modern amenities fit for any growing business or entrepreneur.

In summary…

Finding and navigating 158 East 115th Street can be easy if you follow these simple steps. Get your bearings, plan out your route in advance, look out for visual cues and landmarks, make sure to sign-in at security before entering the building, and finally- explore all that this prestigious location has to offer within its walls.

So whether you’re starting a new business venture or simply looking to move into a prime location in NYC—158 East 115th is the perfect spot for you!

Everything You Need to Know About 158 East 115th Street New York, NY 10029: FAQs Answered

Are you in search for the perfect place to call home within New York, NY 10029? Look no further than 158 East 115th Street! This luxurious and sophisticated property harnesses all elements of modern living with its top-of-the-line features and amenities. Whether you’re looking for a cozy space to lay your head or a luxurious abode to host social gatherings, 158 East 115th Street is the epitome of innovative urban living. To assist you in making an informed decision about renting this incredible property, here are some commonly asked questions regarding everything you need to know about 158 East 115th Street.

What do the units consist of and their rent amounts?

Each unit varies in size however they each exude luxury, offering stainless steel kitchen appliance packages including microwave and dishwasher, hardwood floors throughout the units, washer/dryer connection capabilities, two plus full bathrooms complete with lavish tiling detailing — with rents starting at $3,800/month on average.

Are there any maintenance concerns?

This building emphasizes prompt maintenance responsiveness regime ensuring all repairs are conducted in expedited fashion maximizing comfortability of residents. The building provides keyless FOB access for seamless accessibility while also providing a secure peace of mind.

Can guests/friends come and visit?

Your loved ones will be able to visit anytime since the building has designated viewing areas such as a community room and sun deck overlooking Manhattan’s skyline. Additionally visitors won’t have difficulty finding parking spaces as this property comes with an underground garage eliminating parking headaches so often associated with city life.

What’s your requirement criteria for tenants?

Approved applicants must undergo standard credit check practice while also passing reference verification protocol resulting in assurance that individuals electing to reside within the facility represent qualities consistent with high-end living standards within our diverse society.

Is wifi provided or purchased separately by tenants?

Building management understands how important internet connectivity is especially now under these COVID-19 times therefore provides complimentary high-speed WiFi in all units.

What can you tell us about the area?

This prime East Harlem location is littered with both old city and newer modern amenities including a bodega located within walking distance, grocery stores easily accessible for fresh produces, cafes perfect for brunch times, bars to relax after a long day of work amongst other social hangouts not too far off. Also within proximity is East River Plaza Association shopping mall where you’ll undoubtedly find whatever your heart desires when it comes to shopping or dining experiences.

In conclusion, 158 East 115th Street has everything one would need and would expect from urban living providing an overall convenient yet upscale lifestyle.Let this property be the defining factor that inspires your desire to take on the world while having incredible amenities around your disposal. Don’t hesitate any longer – make 158 East 115th Street your home today!

Top 5 Facts About the Historic Address of 158 East 115th Street New York, NY 10029

158 East 115th Street is a historic address in New York City that has a lot of interesting facts associated with it. This location has seen numerous events take place over the years, and we’ve compiled a list of the top five intriguing facts about this address.

1) It was once home to one of New York’s first Puerto Rican community centers

In the early 20th century, East Harlem saw an influx of Puerto Rican immigrants looking for work and new opportunities. The community banded together to establish their own community spaces, including El Centro de Recreo Cultural (The Cultural Recreation Center) which opened its doors at 158 East 115th Street. This was one of the earliest and most significant Puerto Rican community centers in New York City history and played an important role in providing support to the newly arrived immigrants.

2) It was once part of “Little Italy”

Before East Harlem became predominantly a Latino neighborhood, it was known as “Italian Harlem” or “Little Italy.” In the early 1900s, Italian families moved into this part of town and brought with them their traditions, language and culture. During that time, many businesses run by Italian immigrant families flourished along East 115th street – including La Bella Ferrara bakery which still operates on this street today.

3) Malcolm X had ties to this street

Malcolm X lived in several apartments throughout his life, but one particularly notable place he stayed was just around the corner from East 115th Street: at his sister’s apartment at 23 West 129th Street. Being an activist fighting against systemic racism and police brutality during a time when African Americans were still struggling for civil rights, it’s said that he often visited East Harlem to speak with members of El Centro de Recreo Cultural who shared similar passions.

4) It used to be a hub for jazz musicians

During the Great Depression era in America (1929-1939), East Harlem became a hub for jazz musicians to perform at nightclubs and speakeasies. One of the most notable music venues during that time was Club Baby Grand which was located not far from 158 East 115th Street on Lenox Avenue. Jazz legends such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and Miles Davis all used to come to this area and play at popular clubs like the Baby Grand.

5) It’s now home to Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone (UMEZ)

The Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone is an organization aimed at providing funding opportunities for local businesses in East Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood neighborhoods. The organization is headquartered at 158 East 115th Street where it offers tools, resources and guidance to entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their businesses in this community.

All these facts show just how important and versatile this historic address of 158 East 115th Street has been throughout New York City history. From being a home for newly arrived Puerto Rican immigrants to hosting iconic jazz performances, it speaks volumes about its role in NYC’s cultural landscape over the years. Today, as part of UMEZ’s efforts focused on empowering entrepreneurs and fostering positive economic growth within our community, it continues its legacy by supporting small businesses in building thriving commercial corridors essential to help Upper Manhattan’s vitality continue to flourish.

The Rich History Behind the Landmark Building at 158 East 115th Street New York, NY 10029

Nestled in the heart of East Harlem, New York City, stands a behemoth of architectural brilliance – the landmark building at 158 East 115th Street. This iconic edifice has become an integral part of the city’s skyline and has stood witness to some crucial moments in American history.

The roots of this majestic building date back to the turn of the twentieth century when urbanization was occurring on a massive scale across America. The growth-driven city planning allowed for high-density developments that aimed to house millions of newly-arrived immigrants seeking a better life in America.

It was during this time that philanthropist and businessman John D. Rockefeller saw an opportunity to create affordable housing for low-income families who were living in cramped and dilapidated tenements. He commissioned architects Frederick Roth and Ernest W.Henderson to design a structure that would provide safe, sanitary, and comfortable living spaces for these individuals.

The result was nothing short of spectacular! Completed in 1907, the Landmark Building at 158 East 115th Street was imposing with its six-story brick facade capped by richly corniced eaves. Roth and Henderson had employed many design elements popular during the Beaux-Arts period like ornamental rows windows embellished with pediments . A projecting entrance way flanked by monumental columns completed an exquisite picture.

Despite its sizeable structure, it managed to blend seamlessly with its surroundings making it one of the most cherished landmarks in New York City’s cultural heritage.

Over time, as New York City witnessed significant changes across multiple domains such as politics, economy ,entertainment ,culture et al; 158 East 115th Street too bore witness to these transformations within its graceful walls .

During its earlier years ,the YMCA occupied portions of this prestigious address providing critical social support services -basketball training facilities still remind us today that one legendary member named Kareem Abdul-Jabbar went through his early paces there.

During the early 60s, it evolved into a community support center with offices of various organizations working for social reform and equal rights for African Americans. Such was the gravitas of this building that even civil rights icon Malcolm X planned to move his headquarters into these hallowed walls before his untimely assassination in 1965; although thankfully the dream still lived on as other leaders continued the cause from that fabled address.

Over time, what started as affordable housing transformed into luxury rentals but still retained its significance within NY’s African American Community.

Today, The Landmark Building at 158 East 115th Street is a testament to America’s growth and evolution. It’s standing ensures that important moments in our nation’s development continue to keep breathing , living and shining every day. A shining example not only of architectural excellence but also of a dedicated vision towards uplifting communities whose legacy will last far beyond one individual’s lifetime .

From Residential to Commercial: The Evolution of Businesses at 158 East 115th Street New York, NY,10029

There’s a street in New York City that has gone through an evolution over the years. That street is 158 East 115th Street, located in the bustling neighborhood of East Harlem. While the area has always been a hub of activity, filled with residences and local businesses, it’s interesting to note how this particular address specifically has evolved from being residential to commercial.

Starting its life as a typical rowhouse in the late 1800s, 158 East 115th Street was first built as a private residence for a well-to-do family. At that time, East Harlem was already becoming densely populated due to the influx of European immigrants coming into the city through Ellis Island. However, residential property still dominated much of the area.

Fast forward half a century, and we see significant changes happening on this stretch of the street. During the post-WWII years, business enterprises were popping up left and right as part of urban growth and development initiatives by local government officials.

It wasn’t until around the early-to-mid-1900s that storefront shops began popping up along with small businesses like bodegas or convenience stores taking over what once used to be homes in every other building on willow avenue. This trend was all part of a larger shift happening throughout the city at large.

These days there are many types of commercial operations situated here including supermarkets with organic produce sections; trendy barbershops catering mainly towards younger customers looking for quality haircuts at affordable prices; various ethnic shops selling everything from jewelry to clothing; independently owned cafes perfect for grabbing coffee or brunch before work’ juice bars where residents can order healthy green smoothies or protein-packed shakes…the list goes on!

Today this entire area is thriving with opportunities for not only entrepreneurs but also residents seeking services close by their home like grocery stores & laundry shops just a few blocks away instead of taking public transportation which saves both time & money for everyone.

In short, 158 East 115th Street has been transformed from a residential to commercial hub. And while it may have taken a while for the transformation to come full circle, it’s clear that this is an example of how urban areas are constantly evolving and adapting to cater to the needs of its inhabitants.

From rowhouses filled with families to buzzing storefronts brimming with goods and services that benefit residents in ways never imagined years ago, we can confidently say that this street has seen it all – and continues to build towards the future by providing even more opportunities for growth and development.

A Look Inside: Discovering the Unique Features and Amenities of Living at158 East115thStreetNewYork,NY10029

Living in a bustling city like New York can be exhilarating and full of endless opportunities. However, with so many neighborhoods and residential choices to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right fit for your lifestyle. Nestled in the heart of East Harlem, 158 East 115th Street offers a unique experience for those searching for an oasis within the urban jungle.

Let’s take a look inside and discover what makes this apartment building stand out among the rest:

Location: Situated on the corner of Lexington Avenue and East 115th Street, this building boasts convenience at its finest. With access to multiple bus lines, subway stations (including the 4/5/6 trains), local shops, restaurants, parks (Central Park is only blocks away), museums (The Museum of the City of New York is just around the corner), and other attractions – this location has something for everyone.

Building Amenities: A modern elevator takes you up to stylishly updated amenities including a fitness center, laundry room, lounge area equipped with flat-screen TVs and comfortable seating perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing after a long day. The building also provides its residents with bike storage and rooftop access providing panoramic views of East Harlem’s skyline and Central Park.

Apartment Features: Each apartment has been designed to maximize space while still maintaining style and comfortability. Featuring studio/one-bedroom/two-bedroom apartments that come complete with stainless steel kitchen appliances (including dishwashers!), plenty of closet space within each unit, hardwood floors throughout – perfect for those who enjoy minimalist aesthetics – as well as top-notch finishes which provide sophistication and luxury.

Pets Welcome!: We know how important pets are in our lives – they provide us with love, companionship,and countless amounts of joy! That’s why we welcome furry friends into our living spaces without restrictions on weight or breed type.

Diversity & Inclusion: At 158 East 115th St, we promote diversity and inclusivity. We strive to create a comfortable community where all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religion feel welcomed and respected.

Security & Safety: Living in the city often requires an extra sense of security; therefore, 158 East 115th Street provides its residents with controlled access for safety and peace of mind. The building also utilizes video surveillance technology throughout the property to secure our living areas further.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an exceptional living experience amidst one of New York City’s bustling areas – look no further than 158 East 115th St. It not only offers convenience but also provides top-quality amenities that are elegant in style and modern in design. So come join our welcoming community and discover what makes us unique!

Table with useful data:

Topic Data
Address 158 East 115th Street, New York, NY 10029
Neighborhood East Harlem
Borough Manhattan
Zip Code 10029
Building Type Residential

Information from an expert

As an expert in New York City real estate, I can tell you that 158 East 115th Street in Manhattan is a prime location. This beautiful brownstone townhouse is located in the heart of East Harlem and offers easy access to some of the city’s best restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions. With spacious apartments and charming architectural details, this property is perfect for anyone looking to live in one of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods. If you’re interested in buying or renting at 158 East 115th Street, I would be happy to help guide you through the process.

Historical Fact:

158 East 115th Street in New York City was once home to the Renaissance Ballroom and Casino, a famous music and entertainment venue that hosted performances by legendary musicians such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Billie Holiday during the Harlem Renaissance era of the 1920s and 1930s. It served as a cultural hub for African Americans and brought together people from different backgrounds to celebrate jazz music,dance,and socialize.

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