Discover the Distance: How Far is Rhode Island from New York City? [Solved with Numbers and Tips]

Discover the Distance: How Far is Rhode Island from New York City? [Solved with Numbers and Tips]

What is how far is Rhode Island from New York City?

How far is Rhode Island from New York City is approximately 170 miles. The travel time between the two destinations takes about 3 hours by car, depending on traffic. Additionally, there are several transportation options available such as trains and buses.

Step-by-Step Directions: How Far is Rhode Island from New York City?

If you’re planning a trip to New York City, chances are you’ve also thought about making a stop in the Ocean State, aka Rhode Island. But before you start packing your bags, it’s important to know just how far Rhode Island is from NYC. The good news? It’s not too far! In fact, with a reliable car and some good tunes on the radio, you could be soaking up the coastal charm of Newport or munching on clam cakes in Narragansett in no time.

Step 1: Figure out your starting point
This may seem obvious, but before you can determine how far Rhode Island is from NYC, you need to know where exactly you’ll be starting from. If you’re already in New York City proper (Manhattan), your starting point will likely be Midtown or Lower Manhattan. However, if you’re coming from elsewhere in the tri-state area – like Long Island or northern New Jersey – your starting point will obviously differ.

Step 2: Determine where in Rhode Island you want to go
Similarly, it’s important to decide which part of Rhode Island you want to visit before calculating how many miles away it is from NYC. Are you interested in wandering around downtown Providence or touring the mansions along Newport’s oceanfront drive? Do some research beforehand so that when it comes time to pull up directions on Google Maps (or Waze!), you know exactly where “X” marks the spot.

Step 3: Check driving times
Now that your starting and ending points are set, check how long of a drive it will take between the two destinations. According to Google Maps (as of September 2021), driving from Midtown Manhattan to Newport would take approximately three hours without traffic. Driving all the way across Rhode Island to Block Island would add another hour onto that journey.

Of course, traffic can make any trip longer than anticipated – especially if there’s construction or accidents clogging up the roads. If at all possible, consider leaving earlier in the morning or later at night to avoid peak rush hour traffic.

Step 4: Consider public transportation options
If you don’t have access to a car (or you’re just not comfortable driving in NYC), there are other modes of transportation to consider. Amtrak offers several daily trains between New York Penn Station and Providence, RI (with stops along the way in Connecticut). From there, you can catch a bus or ride-share service like Uber or Lyft to your final destination.

Alternatively, you can take a Peter Pan bus from Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan directly to downtown Providence for roughly $45 one-way.

Step 5: Enjoy the journey!
No matter how far Rhode Island is from NYC – whether it’s a quick jaunt down I-95 or a multi-hour adventure across state lines – remember that the journey is often half the fun. Plan some pit stops along the way (like grabbing lunch in Mystic, CT) and enjoy the views out your window as you pass through quaint New England towns and lush green forests. Who knows? You may end up falling in love with Rhode Island before you even arrive!

FAQ on How Far is Rhode Island from New York City

Rhode Island and New York City are two fantastic places to visit, but some people may be wondering how far apart they are from one another. With the hustle and bustle of city life, planning your travels is essential. In this article, we will answer all your burning questions about the distance between these two incredible destinations so that you can plan your next adventure accordingly.

Q: How Far is Rhode Island from New York City?

A: The distance between Rhode Island and New York City varies depending on which route you take and where in Rhode Island you start from. Typically though, the distance ranges anywhere from 140 to 190 miles.

Q: What is the Best Way to Get From Rhode Island to New York City?

A: There are multiple ways to get from Rhode Island to New York City, but some options are more efficient than others. If traffic isn’t an issue for you, driving might be a good option as it can offer flexibility with stops along the way. If time is of the essence, taking a train or flying directly into NYC can be quicker alternatives.

Q: How Long Does it Take to Travel Between These Two Destinations?

A: Depending on mode of transportation here’s a general idea; Driving times take around three hours or more by car; Train journeys range anywhere between two and four hours; Flights typically take anywhere between an hour up to nearly three hours due to travel time getting through security and boarding planes at each end.

Q: Can I See Any Interesting Sites Along the Way?

A: Absolutely! There are various historical sites worth exploring en route depending on which highway you choose. You can pass interesting towns such as Mystic CT that houses large antique malls or perhaps enjoy coastal views along Route 95 or Route 9.

Q: Is it Possible To Have Travel Snacks in The Car/Vehicle During This Road Trip?

A: Yes, snacks (healthy ones included) are always encouraged, especially during the longer journeys as hunger can make people frustrated. Be sure to pack enough water as well.

Q: Should I Be Aware of Any Reputable Landmarks Worth Visiting In Rhode Island?

A: Indeed! Rhode Island has notable landmarks worth exploring when touring the area. For example, Newport Mansions offer tours of a collection of historic mansions from the Gilded Age. Also, Roger Williams Park Zoo is home to more than 150 species and 40-acres of scenic trails and attractions for all ages.

In conclusion, Rhode Island and New York City are two amazing destinations that are just a few hundred miles apart. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, knowing how far apart these two places are and how to get there quickly is essential information that will help plan your travels accordingly. So go forth and explore with the knowledge that you have everything you need to know about the distance between Rhode Island and New York City!

Top 5 Facts to Know About How Far is Rhode Island from New York City

If you are planning a trip to the northeast, it is essential to know the distance from one city to another before hitting the road. And if you’re wanting to visit Rhode Island and New York City in the same vacation, knowing how far they are from each other is crucial!

Here are five facts about how far Rhode Island is from New York City that will help you plan your itinerary:

1. Rhode Island is approximately 150 miles away from New York City

Rhode Island’s capital city of Providence is located approximately 150 miles northeast of bustling New York City. This distance takes around three hours by car depending on traffic conditions.

2. The Amtrak Train Station in Providence offers convenient transportation to and from NYC

Traveling by train can be easier and more relaxing than driving yourself, particularly when it comes to navigating busy urban areas like New York City. The Amtrak station in Providence offers fast and reliable service between Rhode Island and NYC with trains making multiple trips throughout the day.

3. Driving through Connecticut can be a scenic route option

Whether you’re traveling north or southbound between the two state borders, crossing Connecticut provides some beautiful views along Interstate 95 highway as it runs alongside Long Island Sound coastline offering picturesque scenes that serve as great photo ops.

4. You can add stops at Mystic Village or Newport Mansion into your road trip schedule

If you have a bit more time on your itinerary for exploring nearby areas, don’t miss out on making stops at Mystic Village, CT or Newport Mansion – both popular tourist destinations located only a stone’s throw away from RI but in opposite directions along the shoreline.

5. It’s easy enough to enjoy both cities during one vacation

Despite its relatively short distance, there’s plenty of things one can do at either location without getting too bogged down by travel times between them- especially if using either airfare or public transport options (like listed above).

In conclusion, a trip from Rhode Island to the Big Apple is do-able, and the journey can itself be a refreshing change of scenery. If you’re planning your itinerary with how long it takes to get there in mind, your trip should go without a hitch!

The Distance Between Two Major Cities: How Far is Rhode Island from New York City?

Rhode Island and New York City are two vastly different places that attract very different types of people. Rhode Island is known for its rich colonial history, quaint coastal towns, and delicious seafood cuisine. Meanwhile, NYC – the city that never sleeps – is a bustling urban metropolis packed with skyscrapers, diverse cultures, and endless entertainment options.

So, you may be wondering just how far apart these two major cities really are? Well, the distance between Rhode Island and New York City is approximately 170 miles. It may not seem like a great distance by car or tour bus (which typically takes around three hours), but there are quite a few factors that can affect your travel time.

One crucial factor to consider when traveling from Rhode Island to New York City is traffic. With both cities having high population densities in their respective urban areas, it’s no surprise that there can be significant delays on the many highways connecting them. The dreaded morning rush hour will slow down any trip to NYC from practically anywhere in New England and beyond.

On top of that travel time depends on what mode of transportation you plan to use to get there. Driving provides more flexibility as you can create your own itinerary along the way or book a masterful private transfer service for maximum comfort and convenience which saves time getting obscure public transport routes- though not necessarily cheaper given gas prices currently hovering at much higher levels than usual.

Alternatively you can take Amtrak train service which departs from Providence or Kingston Amtrak station located near URI campus campus throughout most days covering the journey at speeds of up to 150 mph efficiently taking passengers to popular destinations such as Times Square Penn Station- saving time with zero driving stress!

But why worry about these factoids when your road tripping across state minimums through some stunning scenery experiencing new adventures? Attractions worth stopping at include Pawtucket beer breweries and Newport Mansions if traveling southbound on I-95 Interstate Highway.

In conclusion, the distance between Rhode Island and New York City may not be as vast as some other far-off destinations, like say London to Tokyo, but it still requires careful planning and attention to detail. With traffic being a significant factor in travel time, it’s best to plan your trip accordingly. However, you can enjoy this short road trip exploring quaint colonial villages or taking the scenic route when visiting major attractions while conveniently avoiding park troubles with a private transfer service. Whether by car, bus or train; there’s no doubt that both cities are worth experiencing firsthand!

Exploring the Travel Options: How Far is Rhode Island from New York City?

As a tourist or a resident of either Rhode Island or New York, you might have found yourself in the position of wanting to explore further out and wondering how far it is from one place to another. Specifically, one curious question that might have crossed your mind at some point is: How far is Rhode Island from New York City?

Well, let’s start with the basics. Rhode Island is a small state, located in the northeastern part of the United States with Providence as its capital city. On the other hand, New York City is famously known as “The Big Apple” and is located in southeastern New York.

When it comes to getting between these two destinations, there are several options available for you to choose from depending on your preferences and budget. Let’s examine a few:


The most common option for travelers who want to explore both locations personally would be by driving since it offers total flexibility with control over your itinerary and stops along the way.
Taking I-95 S straight through Connecticut and into Rhode Island will take roughly three hours (depending on traffic) from Midtown Manhattan’s approximately 200 miles away.

Public Transport

If driving isn’t an option for you because perhaps you do not own a vehicle or prefer not to drive long distances, there are public transit options available such as bus or train services which can get you where you need to go conveniently nonetheless.

Amtrak – The high-speed rail operator offers regular train service multiple times daily between penn station in midtown Manhattan to Providence taking just under 3 hours of trips should be booked in advance.

Greyhound/ Peter Pan Bus Lines – Bus ticket prices vary based on availability but usually remain inexpensive; their journey takes about four hours depending on schedules and can offer reliable wifi access during the trip.


Wouldn’t we all love just flying our way around places? If convenience and speed come at the top of your list when traveling because time is of the essence, perhaps taking a flight would be your preferred method. Flying reduces the travel times to under an hour while you also get a magnificent view of both beautiful aerial ones before you land in Rhode Island’s T.F. Green Airport.

So now that we have explored all available options above, there’s bound to be something that fits every individual’s preference, schedule and budget.

As a note of caution: it is best advised to plan well ahead before embarking on any travel so as not to be caught unawares or stranded en route. Take into consideration costs such as accommodation and food when estimating budgets, make use of online maps and road traffic positioning technologies or communicating with locals familiar with these areas can help avoid possible setbacks or delays.

SpaceX flights may likely become cheaper alternatives for long-distance travels in years to come but until that day arrives (in Elon Musk’s dreams), travelers will still have multiple feasible possibilities to choose from suitable for their needs specific requirements.

In conclusion, Rhode Island seems like an ideal getaway destination away from NYC without venturing too far since it boasts of stunning beaches and breathtaking landscapes worthy of being explored! Grab your bags already!

The Importance of Knowing How Far is Rhode Island from New York City for Your Next Trip.

When planning your next adventure, it is essential to know how far Rhode Island is from New York City. This may seem like a small detail, but knowing the distance between these two destinations can make or break your travel plans.

First and foremost, the distance between Rhode Island and New York City will determine what mode of transportation you should take. If you’re on a tight budget and want to save on transportation costs, opting for public transport would be your best bet. Taking a train or bus is not only affordable but also quite convenient and reliable as well. However, if you have more time and prefer to enjoy the scenic beauty of the American Northeast, driving may be an excellent choice for you.

Knowing how far Rhode Island is from New York City will also help you in planning the duration of your trip. If you’re driving or taking public transport, it’s crucial to take into account traffic congestion during peak hours. Rush hour traffic heading towards NYC can cause delays and a longer travel time than usual.

Time management aside, understanding how far Rhode Island is from New York City will further assist in helping plan out activities. Specifically, if part of your itinerary includes visiting both locations within just one day trip, it’s worth noting that they are approximately three hours apart by car (assuming there are no stops).

However, traveling beyond these two cities can extend your trip significantly. Lucky enough for travelers focused on enjoying everything both states offer; there are plenty of places worthwhile visiting along the way such as Newport in RI known for its legendary mansions which give visitors a glimpse into America’s Gilded Age millionaires lifestyle.

To wrap things up – The importance of knowing how far Rhode Island from New York City for your next trip cannot be overstated. It makes it easier to plan out essential details such as travel timeframes so that you don’t miss out on any planned activities or spend an unwanted amount of money unnecessarily – while keeping mishaps to a minimum. By knowing the distance between these two destinations, you’ll be able to plan accordingly and ensure an unforgettable adventure for everyone involved.

Table with useful data:

Location Distance (miles)
Rhode Island 171
New York City

Note: Distance is calculated from Providence, Rhode Island to New York City. Actual distances may vary depending on location within each state.

Information from an expert: Rhode Island is located approximately 170 miles northeast of New York City. The actual distance between the two destinations can vary depending on the specific starting and ending points, as well as the mode of transportation. However, a drive from Manhattan to Providence typically takes around three hours, while a flight between John F. Kennedy International Airport and T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island takes only about an hour. Regardless of how you choose to travel, reaching Rhode Island from New York City is quite manageable and definitely worth it for those looking to explore all that this charming state has to offer.

Historical fact:

In colonial times, it took colonists from New York City roughly one day by horse carriage or boat to travel the approximately 175 miles to Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island.

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