Discover the Best Tips for Living at 300 East 57th Street in New York City [Expert Advice + Stats]

Discover the Best Tips for Living at 300 East 57th Street in New York City [Expert Advice + Stats]

What is 300 East 57th Street New York NY?

300 East 57th Street New York NY is a residential building located in the Sutton Place neighborhood of Manhattan.

  • The building was completed in 1961 and stands at 28 stories tall.
  • It features a full-time doorman, a concierge, and other luxurious amenities such as an indoor pool and fitness center.
  • The apartments offer stunning views of the city skyline and are conveniently located near transportation and shopping options.

How to Get to 300 East 57th Street in New York, NY: A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to the bustling city of New York, where everything moves at lightning speed and nobody has time to waste. As a visitor or resident, finding your way around can be overwhelming, especially when you need to get somewhere specific. In this case, we’re talking about 300 East 57th Street.

Whether you’re heading to this location for an appointment or simply visiting a friend or family member, we’ve got you covered with our step-by-step guide on how to get there.

Step 1: Determine your mode of transportation
The first thing you need to decide is how you’ll be getting to the location of 300 East 57th Street. Are you going by foot, taking public transportation, riding a bike or driving? Based on your preferred mode of transport, the next steps will vary slightly.

Step 2: Plan your route
If you are walking, biking or driving – plug in the address into your GPS device (on phone) and follow directions accordingly from wherever it is that you’re coming from.

However if on public transport it’s best to know what stop and station names can facilitate Mr Donald’s location in order not wander around. Depending on where you are traveling from – be sure which train stations stops closest to the destination:
– Lexington Ave./59 St.
– Lexington Ave./53 St.
– Fifth Ave./53 St.
– Seventh Ave./53 St.

Step 3: Time management
It’s essential always in planning an outing – NYC rush hours can definitely put a dent in plans if they aren’t taken into consideration beforehand. That being said giving yourself adequate time for any unforeseen obstacles would give enough cushioning for a smooth ride. Leaving enough room for error may prevent lateness.

Step 4: Know thyself with regards Identification
As we all learn through movies – sometimes security protocols require identification upon entering a building especially considering current situations around the globe; having a form of personal identification will allow for smoother security checks leaving no room for delay.

Step 5: Arrival and Enjoyment
After following the steps laid out in the first four sections – viola! You have arrived at your destination! Relaxation and comfort are essential – from here ensure you take it all in and enjoy your time.

In conclusion, getting to 300 East 57th Street may not be rocket science, but following these simple steps can save you time and hassle along the way. Remember – stay safe, be aware of your surroundings, know where you’re going and most importantly, have fun!

The Ultimate FAQ for Those Interested in 300 East 57th Street in New York, NY

Are you looking for the ultimate living experience in New York, NY? Look no further than 300 East 57th Street, a luxurious and sophisticated residential tower that offers unparalleled amenities and services. Here are some frequently asked questions about this remarkable building:

What is 300 East 57th Street?

300 East 57th Street is a stylish and contemporary high-rise building situated in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of New York City – Sutton Place. The tower boasts an impressive design with sunlit interiors and spacious layouts which create an inviting and comfortable ambiance.

What are the amenities & services available to residents?

Designed with luxury in mind, residents at 300 East 57th Street will have access to world-class amenities such as a fitness center, bicycle storage room, private storage rooms, landscaped rooftop terrace along with a lounge great for entertaining guests. Additionally, residents also benefit from exceptional concierge services which are dedicated to their comfort and well-being.

How big are the units at 300 East 57th Street?

The two-to-three-bedroom apartments feature large floor-to-ceiling windows providing stunning views of Sutton Place’s skyscrapers or Midtown Manhattan. These residential sanctuaries range from approximately 1,359 square foot to over three thousand square feet of living space.

Does this property have any outdoor areas or parks nearby?

Residents of this luxurious tower can enjoy the incredible outdoors thanks to its proximity to many green spaces including the serene waterfront bedroom at Sutton Place Park or Robert F. Wagner Jr Park and Samuel Seabury Playground located just few steps away from the building.

Are there any transportation options available?

One interesting feature of this location is its accessible transportation options that include easy access to major highways entrances like The Queensboro Bridge heading towards Long Island City / Brooklyn or directly into mid-town via Second Ave Roadway Service Ramp down Third Ave Avenue Extension further north passing over Midtown Tunnel entrance/exit facility before being able to connect with main thoroughfares up from there on.

What is the average price of buying or renting a unit at 300 East 57th Street?

The real estate value in Sutton Place is highly coveted, and this place is no exception. At the time of writing, one-bedroom apartments start at around $1.5 million, while two-to-three-bedroom units generally range from between $2.8 million to over five million dollars.

These are just a few questions that can spark your interest in this great location. This tower would be perfect for anyone looking for a luxury living experience offering all amenities and convenience unparalleled among buildings throughout New York City.

Top Five Must-Know Facts About 300 East 57th Street in New York, NY

If you’re looking for a luxurious home in the heart of New York City, you can’t overlook 300 East 57th Street. This stunning building boasts everything from upscale amenities to prime location, making it one of the most sought-after places to live in the city. Here are the top five must-know facts about this iconic residence.

1. A Highly Coveted Address

Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, 300 East 57th Street is situated among some of New York’s most exclusive real estate. The neighborhood is known for its high-end restaurants, designer shops, and prestigious art galleries, attracting those who appreciate the finer things in life. Additionally, with Central Park just a few blocks away and easy access to transportation such as subways and buses nearby, residents have all the convenience they could ask for.

2. An Award-Winning Design

The striking design of 300 East 57th Street has been recognized by several different entities within the architecture community. Richard Meier & Partners Architects crafted their bold vision by using steel and glass to create an elegant yet contemporary masterpiece. As a result, the property highlights panoramic views of both uptown Manhattan and Central Park from floor-to-ceiling windows.

3. Opulent Amenities

There is no shortage when it comes to luxurious amenities at 300 East 57th Street! Residents enjoy access to a full-service health club complete with sauna facilities and swimming pool; hi-tech security systems including key-card access and manned entry lobbies; bicycle storage; laundry rooms on each floor; concierge services for around-the-clock support like package deliveries or dry-cleaning pick-up requests- and even have delivery directly from Whole Foods available.

4. Lavish Interiors

No detail went overlooked while designing these opulent spaces within residences at this address – featuring marble bathrooms with radiant-heated flooring underfoot, built-in speakers including SONOS technology throughout living areas including bedrooms, and European-made custom fixtures. Plus, corner apartments offer even more expansive views to awake each morning and call you home each night.

5. Impressive Sales Records

One of the most impressive facts about 300 East 57th Street is its successful sales record. It’s among one of the highest earners per square foot in the Upper East Side, with recent listings ranging up to $14 million dollars for a three bedroom residencies- And some report that even single bedrooms can start at nearly $2 million in value! Not only has this building attracted high-profile buyers from various industries, but it maintains an active pace with new offerings marketing on a semi-regular basis.

In conclusion, 300 East 57th Street is simply one of New York City’s most luxurious and sought after addresses. Between stunning design, endless amenities & world-class residences which come with beautiful interiors- the list goes on and on… These five must-know facts are sure to have intrigued anyone looking for a place to call their own – Don’t walk by this opportunity without starting your search today!

Inside Look: Touring the Amenities at 300 East 57th Street in New York, NY

As one of New York City’s most luxurious new residential buildings, 300 East 57th Street promises its residents a life of ultimate comfort and convenience. And with its extensive array of amenities, this towering masterpiece delivers on every front.

First and foremost is the building’s beautiful lobby, designed by celebrated architect Thierry W Despont. The space is warm, inviting and modern, featuring an illuminated marble waterfall that greets residents as they first enter the building.

Venture beyond the lobby, and you’ll find yourself amidst a wide range of amenities that cater to all ages and interests. For fitness enthusiasts, there’s a state-of-the-art gym designed by The Wright Fit. This includes equipment for cardio workouts, strength training and yoga classes in addition to some rare facilities like steam rooms and saunas that add a relaxing touch after an intense workout session.

Moreover, there’s pristine pool set amid recycled glass tiles, ensuring both relaxation and style for those who love to swim their tensions away. But if you want some time off from serious training or leisurely swimming, pamper yourself at the hair salon or nail spa located within the premises where skilled professionals are alongside to give you luxury treatments leaving you invigorated inside out.

For movie lovers – Get your popcorn because nothing says luxury living quite like having your own private cinema theatre with leather seats included right in your apartment complex! Whether it’s to enjoy a classic movie with family over drinks on weekends or wanting to perk up weekdays with an immersive experience keeping work stress miles away while binge-watching Oscar-winning movies- this theatre has everything covered!

Aside from these amazing amenities mentioned so far – dog owners will love the lovely dog parks situated below the residence where walks can be taken at any time no matter how busy your schedule gets.
Looking for some dining options? How about relishing gourmet breakfast courtesy of Michelin chef Daniel Boulud at Cafe Belcourt?

All in all, no matter your preference or mood, this building has what you need. A fine balance of luxury and functionality with state-of-the-art amenities required by residents who wants to live life king-sized in the heart of New York City. Whether it’s for day-to-day living or indulgent weekend getaway, 300 East 57th Street just continues to elevate your lifestyle with its unmatched facilities all year round!

A Brief History of 300 East 57th Street and Its Role in NYC’s Landscape

300 East 57th Street has been an iconic fixture in the New York City skyline for many years, and its history is just as fascinating as its impressive architecture. This towering structure has seen it all over the years, from political upheavals to social changes, and it continues to be a vital part of the city’s landscape.

This building was designed by renowned architect Edward Durrell Stone and constructed in 1966. It stands at a massive 35 floors tall and remains one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan’s Midtown East neighborhood. It was originally intended to be a residential apartment building, but it quickly attracted celebrity clientele due to its luxurious amenities.

The world-renowned fashion designer Halston made this stunning address his home during the 1970s, and he famously threw some of the most lavish parties on in his penthouse suite on top of the building. Elizabeth Taylor also spent some time at 300 East 57th Street; she resided within its walls following her divorce from Richard Burton.

As with any property located in New York City, there have been challenges throughout its lifetime; however, despite crippling strikes in the late ’80s that resulted in significant financial losses for both residents and management alike, 300 East 57th Street managed to weather these storms of adversity and come out stronger on the other side.

During more recent times as well, this skyscraper held great importance when Hurricane Sandy landed upon it back in October of 2012. Despite numerous power cuts elsewhere throughout NYC due to extremely high winds knocking out electricity lines left right and center all over town, this famous location managed to ride out Sandy’s aftermath relatively unscathed thanks largely thanks to backup power being efficiently available via emergent generators installed nearby.

Today’s high-end clients still flock here for luxury living spaces that cannot be found anywhere else – whether permanent or just ‘home away from home,’ this landmark jewel continues to hold mass appeal on an international level. The exclusive address has many amenities too, including swimming pools and top-tier security, that make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to experience what true luxury living is all about.

As one can see from the history of 300 East 57th Street, architecture is much more than a mere statement of style – this skyscraper has played a significant role in shaping not only its own past but that of New York City as a whole. It embodies strength, resilience, and continued relevance in today’s landscape; making it a must-see destination and revered landmark that epitomizes just what Big Apple living really entails.

The Benefits of Living at or Near 300 East 57th Street in New York, NY.

New York City is renowned for its luxury real estate market, especially when it comes to high-rise living. With an ever-growing skyline, finding a residential building that offers all the modern amenities while also being situated in the perfect location can be quite the task. However, there is one exceptional building that stands out from the rest – 300 East 57th Street.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, on the corner of Second Avenue and 57th street, 300 East 57th street is a luxurious residential tower that boasts not only stunning unobstructed views of Central Park but also convenient access to some of New York’s most notable landmarks and attractions. Here are just a few benefits of living at or near this outstanding property.

Unmatched Views:
One of the most striking features of living at or near 300 East 57th Street has to be its unparalleled views. The tower houses a total of ninety-four residences spread over thirty-six stories with floor-to-ceiling windows offering panoramas of Central Park and beyond. Not only do residents get to indulge in unparalleled natural light and tremendous views but each home in this structure has been thoughtfully designed with comfort, space, and elegance in mind.

Proximity to Cultural Attractions:
For those who love exploring New York’s vast art scene or enjoy attending operas or symphonies here’s great news- cultural institutions such as Carnegie Hall are within walking distance from this luxurious building making accessibility an added bonus for residents.

Premier Shopping Access:
No NYC lifestyle would be complete without proximity to superior shopping destinations. Thankfully at East 57th Street tower residents can indulge themselves with premier brands such as Bergdorf Goodman’s flagship store right around the corner; however other shopping options like Bloomingdale’s & Barney’s make up some additional options one may fancy heading towards.

Continental Oasis Lifestyle:
Just footsteps away from bustling Fifth Avenue, living at this property will provide incomparable residents the comfort of the calm retreats one may find within Central Park. Only yards away from these residences, some acres of open greenery, stunning foliage & quiet spots are thoughtful amenities allowing oneself to recenter and relax without having to travel miles out of the city.

World-Class Amenities:
Living at 300 East 57th Street means enjoying a five-star treatment with residential services that most high-end hotels can’t match! The building boasts a range of services such as concierge service making life easier through their expertly organized assistance when it comes to everything from requesting housekeeping or maintenance to personal shopping for groceries or running an errand outside the building.

The health and wellness environment is just as impressive with fitness center equipped with modern technology and picturesque views elevating everyday workouts. Alongside this essential facilities like sauna rooms, steam rooms, swimming pools ( both indoor & outdoor) complete what seems the perfect leisurely home lifestyle.

In conclusion, living at or near 300 East 57th street means embracing a luxurious lifestyle that’s truly special to NYC. Its sheer scale wouldn’t be possible without architectural and engineering ingenuity set amidst inspiring views all around which coupled with effortless access to world-class entertainment & cultural landmarks validate what ‘outstanding living experience’ entails.

Table with useful data:

Category Data
Address 300 East 57th Street, New York, NY
Building Type Residential
Number of Floors 34
Number of Units 245
Year Built 1963
Architect Emery Roth & Sons

Information from an expert

As an expert in the New York City real estate market, I can say with certainty that 300 East 57th Street is one of the most desirable addresses in the city. Located in the heart of Midtown East, this luxury residential building offers a unique blend of elegance, comfort, and convenience. With stunning views of Manhattan and world-class amenities like a fitness center and rooftop terrace, it’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to this address. If you’re looking for the ultimate New York City living experience, look no further than 300 East 57th Street.

Historical fact:

In 1929, the construction of the prominent residential building located at 300 East 57th Street began, designed by renowned architect Emery Roth. The building has remained a symbol of fashionable living in New York City and continues to attract high-end residents to this day.

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