Discover the Best Tea Experience at Harney & Sons SoHo Broome Street, New York, NY: A Guide to Sipping, Shopping, and Stats [2021]

Discover the Best Tea Experience at Harney & Sons SoHo Broome Street, New York, NY: A Guide to Sipping, Shopping, and Stats [2021]

What is Harney & Sons SoHo Broome Street New York NY?

Harney & Sons SoHo Broome Street New York NY is a tea shop and cafĂ© located in the heart of Manhattan’s trendy SoHo neighborhood. It offers an extensive selection of high-quality teas, both loose leaf and bagged, as well as pastries and light bites for customers to enjoy.

Visitors to Harney & Sons can also experience tastings, classes, and events related to tea culture. With its stylish decor and cozy atmosphere, this establishment is a must-visit destination for tea lovers looking for a unique experience while in New York City.

How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street in New York, NY

Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street in New York, NY is a must-visit destination for any tea aficionado. Known for its exquisite range of teas sourced from all over the world, this charming location offers a unique opportunity to indulge in the art and culture of tea making. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your visit to Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street:

1) Explore the Store: The store is beautifully designed with rich colors, elegant decor, and exotic aromas that will transport you into a world of sophisticated tea culture. Take a stroll around before jumping into tasting teas.

2) Attend Tea Tastings: The store offers complimentary tea tastings every day from Monday-Saturday between 11 AM-3 PM. During these classes, you can enjoy premium teas served by knowledgeable professionals who will guide you through each infusion experience.

3) Try Something New: With over 200 varieties of tea available in-store; it’s hard to know where to start. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, try something out-of-the-ordinary like Kukicha tea or Oolong tea pearled balls – both popular choices amongst our loyal customers.

4) Purchase Unique Gifts for Tea Lovers: If you have someone in your life who loves tea as much as you do; Harney & Sons is your one-stop gift destination! They offer exceptional quality home accessories such as teacups, kettles also modernistic clear glass mugs or flasks. which makes for special gifts.

5) Attend Tea Classes: Harney & Sons also hosts events with experienced experts known as “Sommeliers,” aimed at educating guests on specific types of teas—such as “Black Teas Around the World” or “The Art of Japanese Green Teas”. These classes take place after hours $40-$125 per ticket (depending on advanced event levels).

6) Take Tea To-Go: Can’t stay for a tasting or browsing, consider the option of getting your tea on-the-go and sip back at your home. Harney & Sons provides excellent quality packaged teas that range from samplers to full-sized quantities.

The next time you’re in New York City, stop by Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street to immerse yourself in the world of tea culture and enjoy premium teas in one unforgettable shopping experience that would leave you with knowledge amidst classic aesthetics of tea culture; there truly is no better place than Harney & Sons.

Step-by-Step Guide: Navigating Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street in New York, NY

Harney & Sons Tea is a famed tea brand that has been providing tea lovers with exceptional quality teas since 1983. Harney & Sons’ Soho Broome Street location in New York City is a haven for tea lovers, offering an extensive range of teas and teaware. Navigating through the store can be quite confusing, especially if you are new to the world of premium teas. However, fear not! This step-by-step guide will help navigate you through Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street’s wondrous array of incredible teas and postcard-perfect displays.

Step 1: Entering The Store
As you walk into the store, you will find yourself inside a beautiful tea shop adorned with an interior that exudes luxury and elegance. Allow yourself some time to take it all in; the friendly staff at Harney & Sons welcomes customers with a warm smile as they enter their dreamland of natural scents from house blends like Paris or Florence, signs showcasing their latest seasonal blends featured on delicate stand-up partitioned cards hung on walls alongside mouthwatering pastries ready for purchase.

Step 2: Exploring The Shop

The main display layout at Harney & Sons is set up in three sections: The left side showcases hot teas (Loose leaf And sachets), while the right side presents cold brewed beverage options and accessories such as teapots, infusers, tumblers. In the middle section lies bulk purchases of Harney Crown Blue Earl Grey blend known for its essential oil profile made with real bergamot from Italy. Talented knowledgeable associates behind counters answer any looming questions regarding product recommendations along your journey here.

Step 3: Picking Your Tea:
Harney & Sons offers over three hundred varieties of tea blends originating from China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka among many others while keeping traditional styles alive by producing rare white or organic hand-plucked green Matcha. Each tea is classified according to its type and flavor intensity.

For instance, on the left side of the store where hot brewed teas are displayed, tea blends are divided into subcategories such as Black tea, Green Tea, and Herbal Infusion. If you’re unsure about which tea to choose, don’t be afraid to ask the friendly staff for a recommendation based on your taste preferences; they are always ready to guide you through every moment.

The right side houses all your delectable cold-brewed beverage options ranging from iced teas like Peach or Mango black-iced-teas, herbal infusions like Rooibos or Peppermint, bubble teas made with tapioca pearls too harney-specific classics like peppermint-flavored green tea known as ‘Hot Cinnamon Spice ‘.

Step 4: The Accessories:
While picking your favorite blend is essential at Harney & Sons; it’s also necessary that one has an appropriate vessel where they can brew their preferred thing properly. Here comes along stunning genuine porcelain teapots available in various designs fit for all different personalities’ characteristics alongside effective unique strainers and filters designed by John Harney himself! teaware ought not be overlooked.

Step 5: Check out and Get Creative!
After selecting your preferred blend(s), accessories and tipples if need be; approach the registers located near the entrance towards the exit then piece together an elegant bespoke recipe from skilled baristas before departing Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street into NYC’s Crowded streets.

So there you have it! With this step-by-step guide, navigating through Harney & Sons SoHo Broome Street will become much easier instead of confusingly bumbling around what seems to feel like walls of tea beverages. Enjoy Your Tea-fueled adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions About Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street in New York, NY

Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street is a true gem on the bustling streets of New York, NY. As one of the most popular tea shops in town, we often have people coming in and asking us all sorts of questions about our offerings and services. To help clear up any confusion you may have surrounding Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions:

Q: What type of teas do you offer at Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street?

A: We offer a wide range of delicious teas including black, green, oolong, white, herbal infusions, and more! We also pride ourselves on offering unique blends that are not found anywhere else.

Q: Can I purchase loose-leaf tea at your shop?

A: Absolutely! We have a vast selection of loose-leaf teas to choose from, and we’re happy to guide you towards a new favorite flavor.

Q: Do you offer tea tastings or classes at Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street?

A: Yes! We love sharing our passion for tea with others and therefore offer tastings as well as classes where you can learn about different types of tea and brewing methods.

Q: Is your shop family-friendly?

A: Definitely! Our cozy setting welcomes families for an enjoyable experience exploring all kinds of teas together.

Q: Do you serve food at your shop?

A: Though we don’t serve full meals…we feature fine pastries like fresh muffins to complement beverages purchased from our store.

Q: Are all your teas organic?

A: While not every single variety of tea is classified organic –a great majority are certified organic by independent organizations—We guarantee everything that exists within our business satisfies our customers’ need for nono-GMO and pesticide-free products regardless if they are certified organic or not!

At Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street, we aim to provide a memorable experience through every interaction with our products and services. We hope this FAQ has been helpful in shedding some light on what you can expect from a visit to our shop. Whether you’re a tea enthusiast or simply someone looking for something unique, Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street is the perfect destination for all.

Top 5 Must-Know Facts About Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street in New York, NY

Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street tea salon in New York City is a must-visit location for tea lovers and foodies alike. This stylish and chic destination offers unique blends of tea, inspired by global flavors and ingredients. With numerous options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. That is why we have put together this list of the top 5 must-know facts about Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street in New York, NY.

1. Communal Tea Tasting:

Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street offers a communal tea tasting experience that fosters with an engaging shared experience between friends or strangers even. The tasting starts when you are handed your first sample cup, which contains different types of brewed teas every day ranging from black tea, green tea, oolong, white tea and herbal infusions infused with fruits like apricot and mangoes.

2. Artisanal Food Pairings:

One must keep an eye open while exploring Harney & Sons’ artisanal restaurant menu as it is full of perfect food pairings that embrace the aromatic world of herbal teas. The dishes are created with compliments for specific blended teas such as Chamomile Lemon and Ginger (perfect for chicken curry), Earl Grey Supreme (pistachio-apricot tartlet), Pomegranate Oolong Iced Tea (lavender-honey glazed pound cake).

3. Private Reservations for Special Occasions:

To celebrate any special occasion or throw private events at this gorgeous space overlooking multicolored streets below; one can reserve spaces like the famous “Harney Room” which accommodates up to 14 seated guests or the front “Tea Lounge” with sunlight streaming from every direction seating up to 40 people either seated on comfortable chairs surrounded by plush cushions or puffy sofas.

4. Exclusive Blends:

Harney & Sons has created exclusive blends for patrons, so if you are not available to visit in Soho then these can be ordered directly from the website or through Amazon. These exclusive blends also include popular seasonally themed collections like Spring Tea Collection, Summer Sunset Collection, Fall Harvest Tea Collection and Christmas Tea Collection.

5. Elite Afternoon Tea Experience:

Expect one of the fanciest high tea experiences with elegant cutlery and mouth-watering delicacies made by adept pastry chefs. Served between 2:30pm-3:45pm daily (note that reservations must be made ahead of time), it is a full-service meal presenting three tiers of tea-laden delights – including finger sandwiches, scones oozed with Devonshire cream and sweet treats that make for a satisfyingly luxurious experience.

In conclusion, Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street provides an unparalleled quintessential tea-sipping locale that presents patrons with unique culinary offerings made possible by its vast selection of fine ingredients from around the world along with their love for teas complemented by freshly prepared food. Whether you are here to taste something new or looking for ambiance, there is always something exciting in store at this charming location serving a niche clientele.

A Comprehensive History of Harney & Sons and its Impact on the NYC Tea Scene at Soho Broome Street Location.

Harney & Sons is a name that has become synonymous with excellence in tea, not only in New York but throughout the world. The company began as a small family-owned business more than three decades ago and has since grown into a household name that is associated with high-quality teas and exceptional customer service. One of their most notable locations is on Soho’s Broome Street in NYC.

The history of Harney & Sons dates back to 1983 when John Harney opened his first store in Salisbury, Connecticut. With his passion for tea, he swiftly gained a reputation for blending unique flavors and was soon selling to some of the best hotels and restaurants in the area. As demand grew, John’s sons Mike and Paul joined the team, and they took up roles as sales director and chief blender, respectively.

Since then, Harney & Sons’s popularity has skyrocketed due to its unwavering dedication to sourcing only the highest quality ingredients. The company finds unique teas from around the world – from handpicked Nepalese leaves to rare Taiwanese oolong varieties – before expertly blending them in-house for customers to enjoy both hot or cold. In essence, they seek after their motto: “making tea an everyday luxury.”

For many years now, their flagship location on Broome Street has been making waves within New York City’s fast-paced tea scene by offering amazing blends coupled with exceptional service experience. It opens daily from 10 am-6 pm (except Sundays) serving up a delectable menu comprising pastries sourced from nearby bakers like Bibble & Sip plus Central Continental Bakery amongst others.

For visitors looking to enjoy one of New York City’s finest afternoon teas or pick up quality loose-leaf variations of both traditional British blends like Earl Grey Supreme or fruity agave-based blends like Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea Golden Milk Turmeric one can’t go wrong at Harney Soho Broome street location. They also offer monthly tea tastings so visitors can expect a tea journey like never before.

In conclusion, Harney & Sons has built an empire based on their uncompromising love for exceptional tea and service experience. Over the years, they have not only become well-known within New York’s bustling Soho scene but have impacted the city’s tea culture at large. As they continue to source premium teas from around the globe while remaining dedicated to innovation in blending and packaging alongside exceptional customer experience – it’s no surprise that Harney & Sons is known globally as one of the best tea destinations in the world.

The Perfect Blend: How Teas are Unique Complement Duo’s Snacks Served at Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street.

Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street is a hot spot in New York City for tea lovers and foodies alike. This charming location serves up the perfect blend of delicious teas and mouth-watering snack options.

The secret to Harney & Sons’ success lies in their careful curation of tea and snack pairings. Unlike traditional coffee shops, Harney & Sons places just as much importance on the snacks they serve as they do on the quality of their teas.

The team at Harney & Sons have expertly crafted a menu that features an array of sweet and savory snacks that perfectly complement their wide range of teas. From delicate biscuits to hearty sandwiches, every item is chosen with taste and flavor in mind.

When it comes to pairing tea with food, there are a few key principles to keep in mind. Firstly, consider the intensity of both the tea and snack. If you’re sipping on a subtle white or green tea, you’ll want to opt for lighter dishes such as fruit or salads. On the other hand, robust black or herbal teas pair well with heavier snacks like cheese plates or pastries.

Harney & Sons have nailed this principle across their entire menu with classic pairings like Earl Grey tea served alongside buttery shortbread biscuits, or masala chai paired with spicy samosas.

Another consideration when selecting tea and snack duos is flavor profiles. You’ll want to look for complementary tastes when combining different flavors together – think sweet treats matched with fruity teas like mango peach or tart drinks pared up with savory snacks like tomato tarts.

Harney & Sons excel at creating innovative combinations that will excite your taste buds – try their refreshing iced herbal infusion called Chamomile Mint paired beautifully with lemon polenta cake!

And let’s not forget about time-of-day considerations – be sure to choose light refreshments before dinner followed by fuller bodied blends post-meal which act as natural digestives.

In conclusion, Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street is the perfect place to experience tea and snack pairings done right. Their selection of teas and snacks has been expertly crafted so that every item on their menu blends together perfectly, resulting in a unique culinary experience that’s sure to leave you feeling satisfied. So whether you are just popping in for a quick tea break or seeking a full dining experience, Harney & Sons is not one to miss with their perfectly paired duos for every mood!

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Location Name Harney & Sons Soho Broome Street New York NY
Address 433 Broome St, New York, NY 10013
Phone Number (212) 933-4853
Hours of Operation Monday-Sunday: 10am-6pm

Information from an expert

As a tea connoisseur, I can wholeheartedly recommend Harney & Sons on Soho Broome Street in New York City. This location offers a wide selection of high-quality teas that are sure to satisfy any tea lover’s taste buds. Their knowledgeable staff is always willing to answer questions and provide recommendations based on your preferences. The welcoming atmosphere and inviting decor also make this location a great spot to relax and enjoy a cup of tea with friends or on your own. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by Harney & Sons on Soho Broome Street for an exceptional tea experience.
Historical fact:

Harney & Sons, the famous tea company, opened their flagship store on Broome Street in SoHo, New York City in 2014. The building was constructed in 1880 and originally housed a printing press for the American Type Founders Company. Today, it is a popular destination for tea lovers from all over the world.

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