Discover the Best Hotels Near Citi Field in Queens, New York: A Guide with Stats and Stories [2021]

Discover the Best Hotels Near Citi Field in Queens, New York: A Guide with Stats and Stories [2021]

What are hotels near Citi Field Queens New York?

Hotels near Citi Field Queens New York is a popular search topic for those in need of accommodation during baseball season or coming to the area for business or pleasure. There are numerous options available, including luxury and budget accommodations within walking distance of the stadium. Some popular hotel chains in the area include Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, SpringHill Suites by Marriott, and The Parc Hotel.

How to Find the Perfect Hotel near Citi Field Queens New York

Finding the perfect hotel near Citi Field in Queens, New York can be a daunting task especially if you are new to the city or just unfamiliar with the area. Citi Field is home to New York Mets baseball team and also hosts various other events throughout the year. So, whether you are in town for a game or any other event, here is how to find the perfect hotel that caters to your needs.

1. Location

The proximity of a hotel to Citi Field Queens NY should be at the top of your list when choosing accommodation. Ideally, you want a hotel that’s within walking distance or a short cab/Uber ride away as traffic and parking around the stadium during game days can be quite hectic. Consider hotels in Flushing (the neighborhood where Citi Field is located), Corona, Jackson Heights, and Astoria.

2. Hotel Amenities

The next factor to consider is what type of amenities you need available at your accommodations. Choose accordingly so it fits whatever purpose for which you’re traveling. If traveling alone, then only needing bedding and room service might suffice – however traveling with family could necessitate nearby activities such as pools or fitness centers so make sure those options are included when researching potential lodging establishments.

3. Reviews

Reviews from travelers prior experiences in their stays will give an overall view of what equates a good experience versus bad one – considering their feedback heavily within your own personal checklist of priorities when searching.

4. Budget

Staying near popular locations like Citi Field costs more than other areas further out from the stadia area so setting out specific monetary boundaries ensures proper spending while allowing for getaways with local sightseeing if desired – this way traveler does not feel constrained during their trip.

5. Reservations

Reserving ahead due time leads towards better quality hotels being offered at lower prices; procrastinating will lead towards limited availability beyond budget range constraints leading towards subpar establishments or even sleep-in-your-car resolutions.

In conclusion, finding a hotel near Citi Field Queens NY to suit your needs, budget and style is very important. Following these steps carefully will make your stay more enjoyable and less stressful. With this guide, you are sure to find the perfect hotel for your visit without any confusion. Happy Travels!

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Booking Hotels near Citi Field Queens New York

If you’re planning a trip to New York City to catch a New York Mets baseball game at Citi Field, then you’ll need to find the perfect hotel in Queens that’s near the stadium. But with so many hotels in the area, how do you pick the right one? Don’t worry! The following step-by-step guide will help make your search for the best hotels near Citi Field Queens New York simple and hassle-free.

Step 1: Know Your Budget
Before diving into your search for hotels near Citi Field, it’s essential to figure out how much you are willing to spend on lodging during your trip. Be realistic about your budget and consider factors such as travel costs, food expenses, attraction fees, and even emergency situations. Once you’ve set up a ballpark budget for yourself, start looking at options that fall within this price range.

Step 2: Search Online
Nowadays, finding hotels is simpler than ever thanks to online booking platforms like Expedia, TripAdvisor or All you have to do is conduct a Google search by entering some keywords such as “hotels near Citi Field,” “Queens NY accommodations,” or with location preferences like “hotels South of Willet’s Point Station” if that’s where it’ll be convenient for reaching the stadium. You can use different filters available alongside these sites (e.g., price range filters) too in order to narrow down further potential options.

Step 3: Look at Hotel Reviews
Once you’ve found a few appealing hotel options via online research tools or recommendations from friends/family members who have stayed in Queens around Citifield before – always check their reviews section before finalizing anything. Reading reviews will help give insights into what people liked/disliked about their hotel stay experience – Was check-in seamless? What was breakfast like? Were there any issues with cleanliness?

Step 4: Check Payment Policies
This may be the most crucial step in your research process. Make sure to carefully read each hotel’s payment policy and cancellation fees before you book anything – are they flexible about cancellations, can you receive a full refund if something comes up? Ensure you’re fully aware of any fees involved and that they’re something you’re willing to accept.

Step 5: Check If They Offer Extras
Hotels often offer additional extras and amenities – for instance, Complimentary breakfast, shuttle services to Citi Field or other tourist attractions around Queens NY, free Wi-Fi access, gym access etc. Pick out what is a must-have during your stay at Queens; if free Wi-Fi is important buy not very concerned about breakfast service then check out hotels that prioritize offering these amenities within your budget.

Step 6: Book Your Accommodation!
Once everything checks out with the hotel property and it fits your desired preferences, budget, location & availability – go ahead complete an online booking or email/phone them directly for booking completion as per available options on their website. Don’t forget to confirm and reiterate any special requests or considerations you may have discussed while making reservations too.
With these simple steps in place, finding the right hotel near Citi Field In Queens New York won’t be a hassle anymore! Keep this guide handy when planning all future USA trips.

Frequently Asked Questions: Hotels near Citi Field Queens New York

If you’re planning a trip to New York City and specifically looking for hotels near Citi Field in Queens, we’ve got you covered! Here are some frequently asked questions about finding accommodation in the area:

1. What is the closest hotel to Citi Field?
The closest hotel to Citi Field is the Marriott New York LaGuardia Airport, which is only 2 miles away. Other options within a close proximity include The Landing at LaGuardia and the Hampton Inn New York – LaGuardia Airport.

2. Are there any budget-friendly accommodations near Citi Field?
Yes, there are quite a few budget-friendly options nearby as well. For example, the SpringHill Suites by Marriott New York LaGuardia Airport and Comfort Inn & Suites LaGuardia Airport offer affordable rates without compromising on quality or comfort.

3. Is it possible to stay in Manhattan and still attend a game at Citi Field?
Definitely! While staying directly in Queens may be more convenient, staying in Manhattan offers many more accommodation choices and attractions to explore before or after your game day. Transfers from Manhattan usually take around 30-40 minutes depending on traffic.

4. Do any hotels near Citi Field offer shuttle services to and from the stadium?
Yes, many hotels do offer shuttle services back and forth, making it easy for visitors to get to and from their destination comfortably. Some of these hotels include The Landing at LaGuardia and Courtyard by Marriott New York Queens/Fresh Meadows.

5. How far are hotels with skyline views from Citi Field?
While all accommodations listed here have relatively close proximity to the stadium, hotels with skyline views will typically be further away from Citi Field itself due to being located within Manhattan itself such as Four Points By Sheraton Long Island City/Queensboro Bridge.

6. Are there any chain hotels near Citi Field?
Many chain brands are represented here including Best Western, Courtyard by Marriott, and Comfort Inn.

We hope this helps answer any questions you have about finding accommodation near Citi Field in Queens. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a luxurious stay with skyline views, there’s sure to be something that suits your needs. Happy travels!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Hotels near Citi Field Queens New York

When it comes to finding a comfortable and convenient place to stay in Queens, New York, hotels near Citi Field have become a top choice for travelers and sports enthusiasts alike. Not only do they offer unbeatable access to the city’s famous baseball stadium, but these hotels are also surrounded by numerous shopping and dining destinations that make your trip truly memorable.

1. Proximity is key: One of the primary reasons people choose to book their accommodation near Citi Field is its prime location. Whether you’re in town for a ball game or exploring the many attractions surrounding Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, staying nearby eliminates transportation hassles while providing easy access anywhere in Queens.

2. Amenities vary widely: Depending on your budget and preferences, there is a wide array of hotel options available in this coveted location. From luxurious facilities with spas and rooftop pools to budget-friendly accommodations with fewer amenities – you’ll find something perfect for every traveler; whether solo visitors or families traveling together.

3. Dining Options Galore: With restaurants and entertainment options abounding within walking distance of most hotels around Citi Field, you will never run out of choices when it comes to culinary delights! Some eateries worth checking out include Mama’s Empanadas for delicious Latin food or The Pine Restaurant & Rooftop Bar offering stunning skyline views along with delectable cuisine!

4. Outstanding Customer Service: You can expect nothing short of excellent customer service from hotels near Citi Field Queens New York area, where attentive staff members aim at providing an exceptional experience throughout your stay.

5. You Can Find Excellent Deals: Booking early can earn some fantastic savings – just be sure you’re not cutting corners on quality for affordability!

In conclusion, hotels near Citi Field in Queens, New York are an ideal choice for anyone looking to expand their exploration within the city while staying close to a modern sports venue and surrounded by fantastic eateries. Keep these facts mentioned above in mind when making your next booking decision – so that you can enjoy an unforgettable stay nearby Citi Field.

Experience Convenience and Comfort: Great Deals on Hotels Near Citi Field Queens New York

If you’re planning a trip to New York City, one of the most exciting things to do is catch a game at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. But where do you stay if you want to be close by without breaking the bank? Look no further than hotels near Citi Field in Queens!

Convenience and comfort are two key factors when it comes to enjoying any vacation. So why not choose a hotel that offers both? Not only will you be just minutes from the stadium, but you’ll also have easy access to other attractions in Queens like Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens Zoo, and Queens Museum.

Now let’s talk about deals. Who doesn’t love a great bargain? There are plenty of affordable options for hotels near Citi Field. From budget-friendly chains like Best Western and Comfort Inn, to boutique hotels like The Parc Hotel and The One Boutique Hotel – all offer comfortable accommodations without sacrificing quality.

And let’s not forget about the amenities! Many hotels near Citi Field offer free breakfast, WiFi, fitness centers, and even shuttle service to/from the airport or train station.

But sometimes it’s not just about practicality – we want a little luxury too! For those looking for an elevated experience, there are upscale hotels like The Boro Hotel with its rooftop bar overlooking Manhattan skyline or Hotel Indigo with its chic design and rooftop pool.

So whether you’re a die-hard Mets fan or simply visiting NYC for leisure or business purposes, staying at a hotel near Citi Field in Queens ensures convenience, comfort, and great deals that suit your preferences!

The Ideal Accommodation Options for Your Stay Near Citi Field Queens New York

When planning a trip to New York City, there are numerous factors to consider. Among them, one of the most important is undoubtedly your choice of accommodation. With so many options available in and around Queens, it can be challenging to know where to stay, especially when you plan on attending an event at Citi Field. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

Located in the heart of Queens, just minutes away from the bustling energy of Manhattan is Citi Field; home stadium for Major League Baseball’s New York Mets. Whether you’re visiting New York for a game or simply looking for accommodations that are conveniently located near Citi Field, here are some ideal options that will enhance your experience:

1. Citigroup Corporate Apartment – If you desire comfort and luxury during your trip to NYC, book a stay at Citigroup corporate apartments located directly across from Citi Field. This modern facility boasts beautiful rooms with fully equipped kitchens and living spaces offering unobstructed city views.

2. Holiday Inn LaGuardia – Conveniently situated less than three miles from Citi Field is the Holiday Inn LaGuardia. This hotel is perfect for those who want easy access to both LaGuardia airport and Citi field as well as having many other amenities like free parking, shuttle service to airports etc.

3. Lubbock Apartments – Lubbock apartments have luxurious suites situated on several high floors overlooking the nearby stadium and surrounding areas; they even provide guests with complimentary breakfast buffet in the mornings! Located close enough to enjoy all that Queens has to offer yet far enough away from busy streets – perfect location!

4. Courtyard Marriott – The Courtyard Marriott offers travelers everything needed for an exceptional stay in NYC including spacious rooms filled with modern furnishings like plush beds outfitted with crisp linens & comfortable duvets along with free internet throughout the property & 24/7 Front Desk services!

5. Hyatt Place Flushing/LaGuardia Airport- Hyatt Place offers guests a true oasis in the middle of LGA. The all-in-one lodging and accommodations center has excellent amenities like fitness center and spa services, on-site restaurant offerings, meeting spaces to handle an event or conference, while still being just 2 miles from Citi Field.

Each option provides convenient access to Citi Field as well as easy access to other attractions that make Queens such a great place to visit. From these accommodations you can explore everything this cultural hub has to offer including parks, museums, shopping centers, and dining establishments.

When looking for the best accommodation options near Citi Field in Queens NY it’s essential to consider various factors; location, price point, amenities provided etc. Taking the time to carefully select your preferred choice of stay will ensure that your trip is worry-free and runs smoothly – so start planning now!

Table with useful data:

Hotel Name Distance from Citi Field Price Range (Per Night) Contact Information
Holiday Inn Express Laguardia Airport 1.7 miles $150-$200 Phone: (718) 769-1400
Address: 113-10 Horace Harding Expressway, Flushing, NY
Hyatt Place Flushing/Laguardia Airport 1.3 miles $200-$250 Phone: (718) 888-1234
Address: 133-42 39th Avenue, Flushing, NY
Best Western Queens Court Hotel 1.3 miles $120-$150 Phone: (718) 291-7500
Address: 133-51 39th Avenue, Flushing, NY
SpringHill Suites by Marriott New York LaGuardia Airport 2.1 miles $200-$250 Phone: (718) 651-5000
Address: 112-15 Northern Boulevard, Corona, NY
Courtyard by Marriott New York Queens/Fresh Meadows 3.4 miles $200-$250 Phone: (718) 661-4343
Address: 183-15 Horace Harding Expressway, Fresh Meadows, NY

Information from an expert

As an expert on travel and hospitality, I highly recommend staying at hotels near Citi Field in Queens, New York. These hotels offer convenient access to one of the city’s most beloved landmarks and attractions, making it a perfect lodging option for sports fans and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking for luxury accommodations or budget-friendly options, there are plenty of hotels in the area that fit your preferences. Some recommended choices include the Holiday Inn LaGuardia Airport, SpringHill Suites by Marriott New York LaGuardia Airport, and the Fairfield Inn by Marriott New York Queens/Queensboro Bridge. No matter where you choose to stay, rest assured that you’ll enjoy a comfortable stay with easy access to all that Queens has to offer.

Historical fact:

The first hotel near Citi Field, Queens New York was the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, which opened in 1988 and remained a popular choice among baseball fans until it closed in 2017 for renovations.

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