Discover Saugerties, NY: Your Ultimate Guide to Directions, Attractions, and More [2021]

Discover Saugerties, NY: Your Ultimate Guide to Directions, Attractions, and More [2021]

What are the Directions to Saugerties New York?

Directions to Saugerties New York is a query posed by those who are looking to visit or explore this picturesque town. This charming village is located in the Catskill Mountains and offers various options for outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, and kayaking.

  • If you’re driving from New York City, take the NY Thruway (I-87) north to Exit 20 (Saugerties).
  • If you’re flying into Albany International Airport, choose either a rental car or take a shuttle service that caters to Saugerties area.
  • For those coming from the west on I-90 East, head south on I-87 at exit B1. Then take exit 20 for Saugerties.

With these multiple transportation options available it’s easy to find your way to Saugerties and fully enjoy everything that this lovely town has experience.

Step-by-Step: How to Get to Saugerties, New York

As you inch closer to a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Saugerties, New York is the perfect spot for a romantic weekend getaway or a fun-filled family vacation. Nestled amid the rolling hills of Ulster County, this charming village boasts an eclectic array of local shops, restaurants, and historic landmarks that epitomize Upstate living at its finest. However, before venturing off into the great unknown, it might help to know how to get there in the first place!

Luckily for you, getting to Saugerties is no rocket science. We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide that will help you navigate your way through various transportation modes available and ensure that you reach your destination with ease.

Step 1: Choose Your Mode of Transport
The first step towards reaching Saugerties involves deciding on the mode of transport. Depending on where you’re coming from – be it New York City (NYC), Philadelphia or Boston – several options are available at your disposal.

Step 2: Driving
If driving is your preferred option and you’re coming from NYC – one of the most common starting points for travelers – simply take I-87 up north towards Exit 20’ till you reach Cantine Memorial Sports Complex in Saugerties.

From Philly / NJ area via scenic Catskill Mountain route: Take I-476 North until Exit327; follow US 209 north all over around mountain tops for approx. three hours (passing through New Jersey State Forests along the way). From rural Delaware County take RT28A which intersects Woodstock via Route 375.

From Boston along major highways: Take I-90 W/Mass Turnpike toward Albany; pay tolls then use exit B3 onto NY Route 22 south; continue around one hour until arriving at Rt32 –sign says ‘Saugerties only 7 miles,’ turn right.

Step 3: Bus
If you’d rather not drive, a variety of bus routes run through Saugerties as well. From New York City, you can take the Trailways bus service, which departs from Port Authority at regular intervals throughout the day and travels up to Saugerties in approximately two hours.

Step 4: Train
That’s right! Amtrak stops at Rhinecliff Station; only approx. ten miles south along the Hudson River. You may charter an Uber or Lyft for a modest fee to transport you and your luggage to Saugerties without breaking a sweat.

Step 5: Flying
While Saugerties doesn’t have its own airport, Albany International Airport is just over an hour’s drive away from Saugerties; offering several airline options including Allegiant Air and United Airlines that connect directly with key cities across the country (or simply rent a car).

With these step-by-step instructions in mind, your journey to Saugerties will be effortless and enjoyable. Whether it’s gazing at scenic landscapes aboard a train or indulging in some road trips along winding roads amid verdant hills – getting there has never been this fun!

Frequently Asked Questions about Directions to Saugerties, NY

If you’re planning a trip to the charming town of Saugerties, NY, then you may have some questions about how to get there. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about directions to Saugerties to help make your journey as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Question 1: What is the best way to get to Saugerties?

Answer: The best way to reach Saugerties depends on where you’re traveling from. If you’re coming from New York City or Long Island, taking I-87 North towards Albany is the most straightforward route. Once you reach Exit 20 in Kingston, it’s a scenic ten-mile drive west on Route 212 that takes around fifteen minutes.

If you’re coming from the north or west, take exit 21 off I-87 and head east on Route 23A until it merges with Route 32 in Catskill. From there, continue south on Route 32 until reaching it connects with Route 212 in Saugerties.

Question 2: Does Public Transportation go all the way into Saugerties?

Answer: While there is no direct public transportation into Saugerties, VIA Rail Canada offers a passenger train service from Montreal along Amtrak’s Adirondack line that stops at nearby Rhinecliff Station. Another option includes taking Trailways Bus Service via Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC or several other Hudson Valley locations.

Once you’ve arrived in Rhinecliff or one of the bus locations close by, one can rent a car or use local taxi services for transport the rest of the way into town.

Question 3: Is there plenty of parking available in Saugerties?

Answer: Yes! There are many free parking options available throughout the village including municipal parking lots such as Platt’s Lane and Partition Street lot which both offer ample space for visitors. Metered street parking is also available near downtown district shops and restaurants. With Saugerties small town charm visitors can walk to multiple destinations within the village making for a leisurely day trip!

Question 4: Are there any notable landmarks or major intersections near Saugerties that will help me navigate?

Answer: Yes! One popular landmark is the iconic Saugerties lighthouse located at the Hudson River’s mouth. If using GPS, entering “Saugerties Lighthouse” into your system may bypass local traffic and provide direct routes avoiding congestion. Along with the lighthouse, intersections such as Main Street (Route 212) and Route 32 downtown are useful markers as many of Saugerties most notable attractions are located in the surrounding area.

We hope these frequently asked questions helped clarify how to get to Saugerties and made your travels easier! The little town nestled in Ulster County has no shortage of charm, events throughout the year and vibrant locales waiting to explore. We welcome you to visit us all year long!

The Top 5 Must-Know Facts on Directions to Saugerties, New York

When it comes to upstate New York, one of the most charming towns you’ll find is Saugerties. Nestled in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, this quaint town offers a perfect blend of outdoor activities, local flair and historic gems. Whether you’re taking a day trip or planning an extended stay in Saugerties, it’s essential to know everything about directions to get there.

1. Routes To Consider
One can reach Saugerties from either north/south via Interstate 87 (I-87) or east/west through Interstate 84 (I-84). While both routes have their merits, I-87 offers breathtaking views en route as waterfalls cascade down hillsides while travelling from NYC to Saugerties. From I-84, drive along rolling mountain vistas and forests that culminate at the Shawangunk Ridge.

2. Distance Vs Time Taken
The distance between New York City and Saugerties is approximately 100 miles but accounts for different travel times based on chosen routes and time of travel. On average midday travel takes around two hours using I-87’s route whereas passing through I-84’s route takes about ninety minutes.

3. Alternate Route Through Kingston
An interesting pit-stop to consider when travelling towards upstate NY is The Kingston – Rhinecliff Bridge which connects into Route 209 over Hudson River Ride in Ulster County; taking a right turn cautions drivers out of downtown Kingston where yon encounter Rondout Creek which further boasts some gripping riverfront dining options.

4. Car Rental Options
For those who don’t want to drive themselves or aren’t equipped with their cars driving outside Manhattan options such as Zipcar provides rental services available in Queens & Brooklyn Which can be used to independently travel to Saugerties.

5. Seasonal Variations
The drive-in and directions towards Saugerties would also be altered depending on the time of year you’re planning a visit. During winter, one must ensure that their vehicle is equipped with proper snow tires as ice & snow-covered roads may make traversing through low lying areas difficult. In Fall Routes such as NY state Route 32 alongside the Hudson River boasts of stunning foliage parks en route—Spring and summer are classic times to take obscure routes towards upstate where drivers can find the hidden beauty of cool rocks, creeks, and rivers.

In conclusion, getting to Saugerties isn’t complicated at all – whether you choose I-87 or I-84, a pit stop in Rhinecliff or Independence Zipcar rentals – but with these top 5 facts about directions to Saugerties will help make your trip unforgettable from beginning to end!

Navigating the Route: Best Ways to Drive or Fly to Saugerties, NY

As we all know, planning a trip can be both exciting and daunting. Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, one of the most important decisions to make is the mode of transportation. And if your destination happens to be Saugerties, NY – a picturesque town nestled in the Hudson Valley – there are two primary options: driving or flying.

If you’re coming from within driving distance, hitting the road is definitely an option worth considering. It’s more cost-effective and lets you experience everything along the way. Depending on where you start, scenic routes such as through Massachusetts or Vermont can offer stunning views of fall foliage or summertime blooming.

Let’s break down some key amenities to this option:

1. Flexibility in Route Planning: Driving gives travellers much more flexibility when it comes to route planning – whether it’s choosing a faster or more scenic route based on preference.

2. Saving Costs: Renting a car could potentially save costs compared to other travel options like flight tickets as well as provide extra convenience throughout your trip.

3. Stops en-route: No need to worry about luggage limitations with driving unlike air travel thus allowing you to plan stops and enjoy different attractions throughout New York state including Zoos in Albany or dining experiences across Capital Region upstate NY.

Of course, there are downsides too; peak seasons can result in higher gas prices impacting overall budgets so planning ahead is suggested if taking this route into consideration for upcoming itinerary needs.

If you decide flying out makes sense due time constraints though? Look into flights that land at nearby major airfields like Albany International Airport (ALB) which located just about 30-45 minutes away from Saugerties via driving convenient taxi rentals available right after arrivals area.

Just take note that smaller airports can occasionally have fewer flight schedules working against tight schedules so let’s compare & contrast below:

1. Time-saving: Obviously flying saves time compared to basic long drives however do also consider to plan enough time for reaching the air terminal sides as well as some usual wait times at check-in or security checkpoints.

2. Luggage restrictions: Most airlines enforce luggage restrictions per passenger, thus packing light and taking only essential items are highly recommended when flying into Albany with a checked bag fee of $30.00 each way.

3. Easy Reach: With a variety of taxi rental options available right after landing, renting a taxi is by far the easiest way to get to Saugerties from Albany International Airport taking one less hassle out from your itinerary so you can sit back, relax.

Overall, both driving and flying have their advantages and drawbacks depending on individual preferences which impact the decision in choosing an amusing travel solution based on personal preference(s). Therefore while weighing various considerations such as overall budget goals for short/longer term plans, leisure interests and endurance levels are great starting points towards making the most rational decision suited to your travel needs which ultimately paves your way towards creating one more unforgettable return home-destination trip in 2022.

Alternative Transportation Options for Traveling to Saugerties, New York

Saugerties, New York is a picturesque town located in the Hudson Valley region. With its charming atmosphere and popular attractions like the Saugerties Lighthouse and HITS-on-the-Hudson horse shows, it’s no surprise that many people visit this lovely village each year. However, when it comes to traveling to Saugerties, car rentals and driving your own vehicle aren’t always the best options. Thankfully, there are a variety of alternative transportation options that can help you get to Saugerties safely and conveniently.

Public Transportation
If you don’t have access to a car or simply don’t want to drive, public transportation is a great option for traveling to Saugerties. The Trailways bus system runs several times a day from various cities throughout New York State including Albany, Kingston, and New York City. Additionally, Amtrak trains stop at Rhinecliff station which is only 25 minutes away from Saugerties. From there you could take either Uber or Lyft which are both available in the area.

For more eco-friendly travelers who enjoy an active lifestyle or simply love exploring by bike riding is another smart option when travelling to Saugerties. By biking through the scenic countryside of Ulster County leading up to the town center not only will they become one with nature but also save up on fuel costs while reaching their destination.

If you’re already in the area or staying in one of nearby towns such as Catskill Falls or Woodstock walking might be an excellent option for getting into Saugerties center on your own two feet more over trail maps are easily available online guiding interested hikers through some amazing trails within close proximity of the town.

Ride sharing
Perhaps one of the most significant developments in transportation over recent years has been ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft which allow consumers convenience around needed mobility creating return trips home after eventful days so much easier without needing prior pre-arranged ride or scheduling. Passengers can quickly reach Saugerties from various locations with just a few taps on their smartphone and have an available driver pick them up in minutes.

In conclusion, when it comes to traveling to Saugerties, New York there are numerous alternative transportation options available that cater for many different types of travelers. From public transportation to biking, walking and ride sharing services there is no excuse for not being able to get around town comfortably and safely at your convenience without having the need for a personal car or fleet vehicle. So go explore all that Saugerties has to offer by renting a bike or taking the Trailways bus service from New York City; however you choose – happy trails!

Expert Tips for Making the Most of Your Journey to Saugerties

If you’re planning a trip to Saugerties, New York, you’re in for an incredible time. From charming streets lined with unique shops and restaurants to breathtaking natural beauty, Saugerties truly has it all. To help make your journey as enjoyable as possible, we’ve compiled some expert tips that will ensure you make the most of your time in this magical town.

1. Get to Know the Downtown Area

One of the best things about Saugerties is its quaint downtown area. With unique boutiques, charming bookstores, and delectable eateries on every corner, there’s so much to discover. To get started, head to Main Street and explore the local shops and galleries at your leisure. Take note of which places speak to your interests and return for longer visits later on.

2. Experience Nature at Its Best

While downtown is full of charm, don’t forget about Saugerties’ natural beauty. Whether hiking through the Catskill Mountains or exploring one of the many nearby parks or nature preserves, there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventure in this area.

3. Savor Unique Eateries

Saugerties boasts some fantastic food options that will tantalize even the most discerning taste buds. From authentic German cuisine at Rheinblick German Restaurant to artisanal ice cream at Lucky Chocolates & Ice Creams, there’s always something delicious waiting around every corner.

4. Explore Surrounding Areas

The Hudson Valley is brimming with opportunity outside of Saugerties proper As such take advantage by taking day trips out into surrounding areas including Rhinebeck or Woodstock NY for more excitement!

5. Embrace Local History

At one time known as “The Gateway Between Hudson River Valley and Catskills,” Saugerties was a significant location during America’s revolutionary era because it served an important transportation hub due its location near two important waterways: The Hudson River (to New York) and the St. Lawrence River (to Quebec). As such, Saugerties has an impressive historic past that is worth exploring. Be sure to visit sites like the Kiersted House – one of the oldest buildings in town – and the Saugerties Lighthouse for a glimpse into the area’s rich history.

With these expert tips, you’re well on your way to experiencing all that Saugerties has to offer. From quaint downtown charm to natural splendor, unique cuisine, day trips out into areas surrounding Saugerties like Rhinebeck or Woodstock NY, and deep rooted history practices brings together everything you could ever want in a trip full of adventure, culture with a side of relaxation that will stay with you forever!

Table with useful data:

Direction Method Description
By Car Take the New York State Thruway (I-87) and get off at Exit 20. Take Route 32 North to Route 32A North into Saugerties.
By Bus Take the Adirondack Trailways bus service to the Adirondack Trailways bus station in Saugerties.
By Train Take Amtrak to Rhinecliff. From Rhinecliff, take a taxi to Saugerties.
By Airplane Fly into Albany International Airport and rent a car or take a taxi to Saugerties.

Information from an expert

As an expert on travel, I can confidently provide directions to Saugerties, New York. The town is located about two hours north of New York City, accessible via the New York State Thruway. If you are coming from Albany or other points north, take exit 20 and follow signs for Route 32 south. From there, turn right onto Main Street and continue straight into the heart of downtown Saugerties. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or returning for a weekend getaway, Saugerties offers a range of attractions and activities that will make your stay unforgettable.

Historical fact:

Saugerties, New York was named after Dutch adventurer Barent Cornelis Volge who purchased land from the Esopus tribe and built a sawmill on the Esopus Creek in 1663.

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