Discover Monroe and Ogdensburg, New York: A Guide to Exploring Upstate’s Hidden Gems [With Insider Tips and Stats]

Discover Monroe and Ogdensburg, New York: A Guide to Exploring Upstate’s Hidden Gems [With Insider Tips and Stats]

What is Monroe Ogdensburg New York?

Monroe Ogdensburg New York is a town located in St. Lawrence County, New York.

  • The town was created in 1868 and named after President James Monroe and his Secretary of State, Timothy Pickering.
  • The population of Monroe Ogdensburg New York is approximately 3,000 people, with many residents working in agriculture or the local prisons.

How to Plan Your Perfect Trip to Monroe Ogdensburg New York

Monroe Ogdensburg New York is a hidden gem in the state of New York that is often overlooked by many tourists. It is an idyllic destination for those seeking peace, serenity, and enjoyable activities all wrapped up into one perfect trip. The town has multiple scenic spots and offers everything from quaint coffee shops to outdoor adventures. Whether you’re visiting the area for the first time or you’re a local looking for a weekend getaway, here’s how to plan your perfect trip to Monroe Ogdensburg New York.

1. Pick Your Time of Visit Wisely
One of the most crucial steps in planning your perfect trip to Monroe Ogdensburg NY is deciding on the best time of year to visit. You want to consider different weather conditions during different seasons, peak tourist seasons versus off-seasons, and any events or festivals that are happening in town. The best times to visit are usually during spring or summer when temperatures are ideal, but autumn also makes for a beautiful backdrop with its stunning foliage displays.

2. Select Accommodation That Suits Your Needs
The right accommodation can make or break your entire trip experience; therefore it’s important to choose wisely! With varying options from hotels, lodges, campsites and Airbnbs, there’s plenty of choices available depending on preferences and budget.

3. Plan Your Activities in Advance
Whether you’re interested in adventure sports such as kayaking or hiking through breathtaking trails or visiting historical museums capturing the traditional essence rich culture of Monroe Ogdenburg NY that dates back centuries ago—or simply browsing through quaint boutiques —make sure that you have an itinerary prepared beforehand so you don’t miss out on anything!

4. Enjoy Local Flavors & Delicacies
Foodies will love exploring what Monroe Ogdenburg NY has to offer – boutique cafes known locally serving fresh coffee brews accompanied by homemade pastries bagels muffins and artisanal sushi bars delivering delightfully tasteful foods. We also can’t forget the world-renowned maple syrup and wines which are highly sought after delicacies unique to Monroe Ogdenburg NY.

5. Leave Time for Relaxation & Sightseeing
It’s not just adventure-seekers that are catered to in Monroe, but those looking to relax and unwind can spend their days strolling through the parks while soaking up picturesque views of the nature-filled landscape with crystalline lakes, green meadows, and charming farms dotted throughout.

In conclusion, planning the perfect trip to Monroe Ogdensburg New York involves a little research beforehand into activities available, accommodation options, and seasonal weather conditions – so much more! There is something in this small town that will suite every traveller type waiting to be discovered. By following these tips mentioned above paired with a mind open for new experiences, your journey will surely be both enjoyable and memorable!

Step by Step Guide to Exploring Monroe Ogdensburg New York

Monroe Ogdensburg, located in the heart of New York State, offers a wealth of natural beauty and cultural charm for visitors to explore. From its quaint small-town feel to its breathtaking scenery, there are plenty of things to see and do in this picturesque region.

Here is a step-by-step guide to exploring Monroe Ogdensburg like a pro:

Step 1: Start with a visit to Robert Moses State Park. This sprawling park offers miles of scenic trails perfect for hiking or biking as well as picnic areas and playgrounds for families. You can also spend some time paddling along the gorgeous Raquette River.

Step 2: Hop on the Adirondack Scenic Railroad for a leisurely ride through the stunning Adirondack Mountains. Enjoy the view from vintage railcars equipped with air conditioning or heating depending on what season you decide to embark on your journey.

Step 3: Explore downtown Ogdensburg, where you’ll find unique shops selling artisanal crafts, antiques, vintage clothes and charming cafes. Make sure you stop by City Market Farmers’ Market which is open year-round and is bursting with fresh produce picked from farms near the region.

Step 4: Take in some history at military forts located nearby- Fort Wellington National Historic Site which was built when Canada’s defenses were threatened after America declared war against Great Britain in 1812.

Step 5: Visit Lake Placid during winter if you’re looking for more adventure activities such as skiing or simply curling up by fireplaces in cozy lodges nestled within sight of snow-covered peaks that take your breath away! In summer months there are popular swimming spots around Lake Placid like Mirror Lake Beach where crowds come every day from dawn until dusk!

Step 6: Indulge yourself with local delicacies like apple cider doughnuts made fresh daily at Lonesome Pines Resort! Or treat yourself at St Lawrence Brewing Co., where the microbrews are made from ingredients sourced directly from local farmers.


In conclusion, Monroe Ogdensburg is a region that offers an abundance of natural beauty, cultural charm and activities for visitors to explore. Whether you enjoy hiking through scenic trails or paddling along tranquil rivers, there is something for everyone in this picturesque area. Make sure to plan your visit step-by-step according to this guide and experience the wonders of New York State like never before!

FAQ About Monroe Ogdensburg New York: Answered by a Local

Monroe Ogdensburg, New York, is a beautiful city located in St. Lawrence County. The city is home to many charming attractions and facilities, such as the Frederic Remington Art Museum and the Seaway Trail Discovery Center.

As a local resident of Monroe Ogdensburg for over ten years now, I have gained a wealth of knowledge about my beloved hometown. Therefore, in this blog post, I will reveal some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Monroe Ogdensburg along with answers that should help both visitors and newcomers get acquainted with the place.

1. What’s the weather like in Monroe Ogdensburg?

Monroe Ogdensburg has an average temperature of around 26 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months like January and February while summers tend to be warmer at an average temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit during months like July and August.

2. What are some popular attractions you can visit in Monroe Ogdensburg?

There are plenty of things to do when visiting Monroe Ogdensburg ranging from historical museums like Frederic Remington Art Museum to scenic locations such as the Johnstown Reservoir. Another popular destination is the harbor walk along the Oswegatchie River which offers breathtaking views of bridges and sunsets.

3. Where is the best restaurant or cafe to catch up with friends or family?

If you’re looking for somewhere cozy yet thrilling where you can relax after long days then Jernabi coffeehouse deserves your attention more than any other cafes/restaurants nearby! They’ve got an amusing ambiance that relies on not just delicious food but also striking decor plus lots more!

4. How’s commuting during rush hour traffic hours?

Typically, rush hour traffic might cause reasonable delays especially on weekdays; however, it shouldn’t be considered unbearable since traffic volume isn’t too high compared to some neighboring cities of similar size.

5. Is there easy access from big airports nearby if one wants to fly out?

Yes, there are many airports in the Greater Monroe Ogdensburg Area that offer quick and easy access to major cities just a few hours away. For example; Massena International Airport, which is only 20 minutes drive from downtown Monroe Ogdenburg, provides swift access to nearby cities along with other passengers services.

6. What resources exist in case of an emergency?

In any town or city, it is important to know where you can go in case of an emergency. In Monroe Ogdensburg, the local police department ensures that emergency services are always available for its residents.

Overall,Monroe Ogdensburg New York deserves much more recognition than it currently receives as it’s one of the most underrated destinations. It’s worth considering if you’re looking at a peaceful yet fun and adventurous environment!

Top 5 Facts You Should Know Before Visiting Monroe Ogdensburg New York

Monroe Ogdensburg is a quaint little town nestled in upstate New York, known for its scenic landscapes and small-town charm. Despite being relatively small, there are plenty of things to see and do in Monroe Ogdensburg. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, here are the top five facts you should know before visiting this beautiful gem of a town.

1. Monroe Ogdensburg Is Home to a Rich History

Monroe Ogdensburg may be small in size, but it packs several significant historical landmarks. The town has preserved its rich history through the Ogden Mansion–built-in 1810 by Aaron Ogden–and the deLaval family Chateau designed with a French renaissance twist located on State Street. Many important figures visited and lived in Monroe Ogdensburg during its prime including presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt who frequented areas such as Rockland station miles from downtown.

2. This Quaint Little Town Boasts Gorgeous Scenery

Set among rolling hills and pristine forests, Monroe Ogdensburg offers some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ll ever see – anywhere! For outdoor enthusiasts, there’s no shortage of hiking trails or beatiful state parks in the area including Hepworth Park which is perfect for picnicking while enjoying views of Black Lake!

3.Monroe Ogdensburg Celebrates Its Heritage through Festivals

The people of Monroe Ogdensburg never tire of celebrating their heritage through festivals like Fall Harvestfest happening every September at Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center parking lot . This event attracts many visitors from all over Upstate New York who come to partake in wine tastings, art exhibits live music performances, pie eatings contests among other fun activities.

4.Monroe Ogdensburg Offers Unique Recreation Opportunities

You’ll find that there’s something for everyone when it comes to recreation opportunities here! In winter months you can enjoy snowmobiling on the many miles of groomed trails, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing through the wintry woods. As warmer months approach, experience boating and fishing in the nearby Black Lake.

5.Monroe Ogdensburg is a Hidden Gem

Although small, Monroe Ogdensburg presents tourists with more than meets the eye. From its rich history to the stunning beauty that surrounds it to its friendly local populace and well-preserved architecture – you might be surprised at all that this hidden gem of a town has to offer Its an ideal place for individuals or families looking for a peaceful escape from life’s hustle and bustle.

In conclusion, whether you’re exploring its historical landmarks, admiring its scenic beauty or enjoying one of its unique activity listings, Monroe Ogdensburg should definitely make it onto your travel list. This town’s undeniable charm is something every visitor will notice from their first step into it – making sure reasonable time is spent here is greatly advised!

Hidden Gems of Monroe Ogdensburg New York: Uncovering the City’s Best-Kept Secrets

Nestled in the serene and picturesque St. Lawrence River Valley, lies the charming town of Monroe Ogdensburg in New York State. Known for its natural beauty, tranquil landscapes, rich history, and warm locals, this off-the-beaten-path destination serves as a perfect escape from the fast-paced city life.

Monroe Ogdensburg may not be on your radar when it comes to must-visit destinations in New York State, but it is home to some of the finest hidden gems that deserve recognition. From quirky museums to breathtaking parks, delectable eateries to historic landmarks – this quaint town has a lot to offer.

So without further ado, let’s dive into Monroe Ogdensburg’s best-kept secrets!

1. Frederic Remington Art Museum:
If you’re an art lover looking for something unique, then head straight to Frederic Remington Art Museum. Housed in a historical building that once served as a post office station during World War II until 1972 when it was converted into a museum. The museum features rotating exhibits showcasing the art of Frederic Remington – renowned western artist who captured stories about cowboys and Native Americans through his paintings and sculptures.

2. Hickory Hill Wilderness Area:
Looking for an outdoor adventure? Head over to Hickory Hill Wilderness Area! Nestled between Oswegatchie River and Raquette River this forest reserve boasts 6+ miles of trails with scenic overlooks providing extensive views of nature at its best: wildlife, steams running within rocks under tall trees alongside rivers with multiple waterfalls en route.

3. The Depot Museum:
For those interested in local history and architecture alike should definitely make their way over The Depot Museum located on Mitchell Street downtown right by Hermon-Dekalb Park . A four-story wooden train station built-in 1868 that once serviced passengers going west all way into Canada before it shut down service more than three decades later. The museum showcases the town’s history while giving visitors a sense of the town’s rich past.

4. River Run Restaurant & Marina:
Set along the beautiful St Lawrence river in Heuvelton, NY, River Run restaurant is a must-visit for all seafood lovers! Offering fresh and locally sourced seafood dishes with views that will take your breath away- it would be hard not to love this spot.

5. The Chippewa Bay General Store:
The Chippewa Bay General store is a historic retail shop situated on waterfront community selling locally made artisanal products such handmade jams, jellies, honey, maple syrup and souvenirs. This stop is great for anyone looking for some retail therapy.

In conclusion, Monroe Ogdensburg has something to offer everyone who pays it a visit. Whether you’re looking for nature trails or indoor exhibits or unique local shopping spots nestled amongst picturesque landscapes – this hidden gem of New York State is not worth missing out on!

Must-Visit Attractions in Monroe Ogdensburg New York: A Bucket List for Travelers

Monroe Ogdensburg, New York is a small town situated in the northern part of the state. Despite its size, it offers plenty to see and do for visitors from all walks of life. If you’re planning a trip to this part of New York state or just looking for some travel inspiration, then check out our list of must-visit attractions in Monroe Ogdensburg.

1. Lampson Falls:
Lampson Falls is one of the gems of Monroe Ogdensburg and a real hidden treasure for nature lovers. Located near the Raquette River, Lampson Falls is a scenic spot that boasts amazing views over rolling mountains and dense forests. There are well-maintained hiking trails that lead up to the falls which make it easy for travelers to appreciate its natural beauty.

2. Frederic Remington Art Museum:
If you’re an art lover or someone who appreciates fine arts, then The Frederic Remington Art Museum is definitely worth visiting! This museum houses hundreds of paintings, sculptures, and sketches by Frederic Remington – a celebrated painter and sculptor best known for his depiction of Old West scenes. Visiting this museum offers visitors an opportunity to experience first-hand Remington’s exceptional artistic talent.

3. St Lawrence University:
Located in Canton NY which is close to Monroe- Ogdensburg NY, , St. Lawrence University (SLU) is not only one magnificent campus but also offers many exciting sporting events held throughout the year such as baseball games or ice hockey matches ideal if you are a sports enthusiast).

4. Black Lake:
A short distance away from downtown Ogdensburg lies Black Lake – ideal for vacationers who want relaxation away from bustling city life – here at black lake peacefulness would take over your surroundings… Water activities like canoeing and fishing can be enjoyed making it perfect get-away destination enabling recreation offering fun filled memories with your loved ones

5.Oswegatchie Educational Center:
Another worthy attraction in Monroe-Ogdensburg is Oswegatchie Educational Center which being known for its outdoors activities like camping, hiking, swimming and boating surrounded by nature’s serenity and scenic beauty it’s a must to have this experience.

6. The Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge
As one of the most significant routes between Canada and the United States, The Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge doesn’t typically top your bucket list; however, you don’t want to miss out on experiencing crossing this bridge …this is a unique opportunity that affords stunning views over the St Lawrence River

Choosing Monroe- Ogdensburg as your travel destination equals choosing relaxation, adventure , natural beauty in addition to its historical significance. So pack your bags – with these attractions ranging from exceptional museums and parks to awe-inspiring lakes and bridges which will undoubtedly offer an unforgettable trip filled with fun experiences. It’s definitely a destination worth exploring!

Table with useful data:

City Population Location
Monroe 8,796 44.1368° N, 77.0058° W
Ogdensburg 10,590 44.6945° N, 75.4860° W
New York 8,336,817 40.7128° N, 74.0060° W

Information from an expert: Monroe Ogdensburg is a small town located in upstate New York with a population of just over 11,000 people. The town is situated along the St. Lawrence River and offers picturesque views of the waterway. There are various outdoor recreational activities available in Monroe Ogdensburg, such as boating, fishing, and hiking. Additionally, the town is home to several historic sites and museums that showcase the rich history of the region. Overall, Monroe Ogdensburg is a charming town with plenty to offer both residents and visitors alike.

Historical fact:

Monroe was the original name of Ogdensburg, New York and was established in 1749 by French traders. The town was renamed to Ogdensburg in 1817 after Samuel Ogden, a prominent businessman at the time.

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