Breaking it Down: Exploring the Dynamic World of New York City Breakers

Breaking it Down: Exploring the Dynamic World of New York City Breakers

Short answer new york city breakers: The New York City Breakers were a b-boying crew founded in 1981. They gained popularity through competition and performances, including appearing in the movie “Beat Street.” The group’s style focused on power moves and acrobatics accompanied by flashy costumes and theatrical displays.

New York City Breakers FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

As one of the most iconic hip-hop dance crews in history, The New York City Breakers captured the attention and imagination of audiences around the world during their prime in the 1980s. Today, more than three decades later, they remain a beloved cultural institution for fans of urban dance styles like breaking—and rightfully so.

If you’re planning a trip to New York City and want to take part in this city’s thriving urban arts scene, then adding a visit with the New York City Breakers should be at the top of your list. Whether you’re looking to catch one of their famous shows or attend an event where they’ll be performing live on stage (or even sign up for some group lessons from these legendary b-boys)—there are a few things that any potential NYC breakers fan should know before diving into all that this city has to offer when it comes to street dance culture.

To help get you started on your journey toward becoming a bona fide breaker head, here are our top FAQs about everything related to experiencing The New York City Breakers:

1. Who Are The New York City Breaker?

The NYCB was founded by Michael Holman —an early adopter and proponent of hip hop music & prajazz dancer Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quinones— who looked upon creating something exceptional through Breaking which morphed his vision into reality.

2. What Do They Perform?

The genres include Locking , Popping but primarily focus resides within Hip Hop Dance Culture especially associated with B-boying/breakdance community.

3.Why Are They Famous?

There are several reasons ascribed

Firstly – A collective insight shared between its members that inspired them towards continual evolution beyond stagnancy: Putting together diverse interpretation combining moves
Secondly -Individually each member had talent & creativity distinct compared against other performers
Together above factors made possible couple performance works that stand out till date as authentic hallmark of B-boy Movement

4. Where Can You See Them Perform Live?

NYCB had been performing live nationwide since the 70s, you can check with local enthusiasts for upcoming events or follow their social media handles to stay updated regarding their shows in NYC and around other longitudes.

5. Can Anyone Try Breakdancing With These Pros?

Yes, The New York City Breakers hold group sessions where budding dance students are given an opportunity to learn directly from these veterans who possess decades worth experience in breaking & sub-genres within Hip Hop culture!

6. How Much Does It Cost To Take Classes From NYCB?

Pricing depends on a range of factors such as duration of class/training program, season/yearly schedule etc so we recommended checking out IDOBI Radio who provide regular coverage about each seasonal camp/programs covered by NYCB- As they may offer exclusive discounts from time-to-time

7.How Long Has The Crew Been Performing?
The collective history stretches back some four-five decades; although Not being very frequent once nor sounding relevant but which serves only as a testament outlining healthy adoption & preservation overpassing their glory days & stylistic trends.

8.What Makes One A Good Dancer According To Breaking Experts At NYCB?
Breaking isn’t just mere athletic display mixed with random acrobatics-It’s rather element-driven discipline requiring deep-seated passion,studious devotion,painstaking hours – Experimenting until the moves feel second-nature becomes your identity then improvise further ahead something novel highlighting versatility apart from foundation/mastery over diverse genres associated to hip hop community.Scripted highly storytelling skits bring wow-factor on stages making good impression worthwhile talented performers replay at audiences’ hearts eternally.

9.Do They Only Perform In New York Or All Over America/Europe/Asia?
Since ‘early-era’ period-breakdance/b-boying has found its way globally, NYCB mostly performs in US or various international forums unique to this culture across the world
However due to the current global circumstances of Covid-19 ,specifics remain hard and fast.

So there you have it: everything you need to know about experiencing The New York City Breakers for yourself! Whether you’re a seasoned street dancer looking for new challenges, an aspiring b-boy/b-girl eager to learn from some true legends in the field, or just someone who loves to be wowed by live performances featuring unparalleled skill and artistry—there’s never been a better time than now to discover all that this crew has to offer.

Top 5 Facts About the Legendary New York City Breakers

New York City Breakers – the name alone echoes throughout the history of breakdancing and hip hop culture. These legendary dancers from New York made a significant impact on not only the art of breakdancing but also popular culture during their reign in the 1980s.

Here are five incredible facts about this iconic dance crew that you need to know:

1. They Were One Of The Original B-Boy Crews

The New York City Breakers were founded in 1979, just as hip-hop was starting to gain momentum as an art form and cultural movement. Along with other early crews like Rock Steady Crew, Dynamic Rockers, and Zulu Kings, they helped pioneer what would become known as “breakin” or “breakdancing.”

2. They Dominated Competitions

Throughout the ’80s, competitions between b-boy crews were common at block parties and events across the city – and no one dominated quite like the New York City Breakers did.

In fact, they won so many competitions that it’s rumored rival crews started refusing to compete against them because they knew they wouldn’t stand a chance.

3. Their Style Was Unmistakable

The dances performed by New York City Breakers members – such as Crazy Legs, Mr Wiggles, Kid Freeze & Flip Rock- often incorporated acrobatics along with fluid motions borrowed from martial arts creating a style inspired by athleticism while maintaining unique moves adapted to each crewmember’s persona.

4. They Appeared In Movies And Music Videos

Given their status as breakout stars of both hip hop culture and mainstream pop culture alike in those days for being pioneers of specific fashion embraced even today.They appear frequently on MTV music videos back then whilst making appearances alongside films with various artists.Their most notable movie appearance is undoubtedly Flashdance Famed MC Hammer credits his career start after watching NYCB performances inspiring him to infuse dancing into rap.

5. They Were An Inspiration To Countless Others

Perhaps the most significant impact of New York City Breakers crew remains that their performances inspired numerous breakers worldwide to take up dancing and form their own crews, helping establish breakdancing’s spread across America and beyond for as long as we know it! Much like funk heroes who inspired original b-boy culture during 1970s—James Brown &Kool Herc—their dance movements became a new kind of art form spawning generations of diverse B-Boy groups creating history in this genre’s incredible journey..

In conclusion, The New York City Breakers were truly legendary, not just within hip-hop culture but within the broader cultural landscape as well.They inspire upcoming artists today by sharing along impressive credentials. Their influence even reached fashion with elements from pop-locking being incorporated into streetwear decades later.It seems we continue celebrating them for years to come; here’s hoping they make yet another historic comeback someday soon – breaking barriers all over again in a modern age.

The Art of NYC Breakdancing: Learn from the Best – The New York City Breakers

Breakdancing is an art that has been around for decades, originating in the Bronx during the 1970s. While breakdancing gained popularity worldwide through movies and music videos in the 80s and 90s, New York City remains the mecca of this dance style. And when it comes to mastering breakdancing, there’s no better group to learn from than The New York City Breakers.

The New York City Breakers are a legendary crew that formed back in 1982 under the name “Trix”. Their members come from different neighbourhoods throughout NYC and have made significant contributions to hip hop culture both locally and globally. They are best known for their dynamic footwork, acrobatic flips, spins on heads (windmills), freezes (poses/stops) handstands & power moves; basically everything you would imagine when you hear “breakdance.”

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at breakdancing or improve your existing skills – don’t hesitate! There’s no age limit or fitness requirements needed as it only takes dedication along with practice to master these moves.

However, if you want to mimic professionals like The New York City Breakers who make even breaking look effortless then here are some tips-

1- Attend workshops

Workshops can be incredibly helpful as they’re tailored specifically towards developing new skills within certain areas/styles such as top rockin’, footworks & freestyling while also enhancing awareness about body movement which is extremely important in bboying/breaking.

2- Practice regularly

It cannot be emphasized enough: without regular practice – one cannot achieve any sort of mastery over any kind of skill set!


Seek out experienced mentors within break-dance forums/groups as well local community centers where often free events/opportunities happen thus leading up mentor having experience/veterancy thus passing down their knowledge onto willing individuals.

4-Surround yourself with like-minded individuals

Surround yourself with others who share the same passion as you do. Going to events, watching live performances & even competition can enable one to acquaint themselves well within any communities after which it gets easy to learn and connect.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, taking classes from The New York City Breakers is a wise investment in your dance journey. Each member of this legendary crew has his own specialty moves and tricks that they will teach, resulting in accelerated learning amongst weekly sessions!

In conclusion, breakdancing is an art form that requires dedication and practice – but it’s also a highly rewarding experience once you start seeing improvements! By following the aforementioned tips along with investing into continuous professional guidance/education thrown in between; you could soon find that breakthrough moment where skills fall magically into place- turning each step into poetry on streets/subways of NYC.

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